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Nissan R35 GT-R

HJA are very honoured to offer the "Endless Yellow Dragon" a creation of world-famous GT-R tuner Saguino San of Endless R Japan. In a world dominated by 4 figure horse power R35s here is one that can actually do what the GT-R was intended to do… which is go around corners rather quickly!



• 03/2009 Nissan R35 GT-R

• Exhibited on Endless stand at Osaka Auto Messe 2017

• Built and Tuned by GT-R Tuning legends Endless-R Japan

• 1000ps+ specification

• 96,000km Genuine (60k miles)

• No accident history (VX report clear)

• Stock code: HJA437

In 2017 piloted by GT300 driver Mr Koya Sato it became the fastest car around central circuit on radial street tyres. The car is still fully street legal and has a shopping list of elite Tuning parts costing way into the 6 figures thrown at it.

The recipe for on track domination began with the engine. Endless removed the stock VR38 engine to install a HKS 4.0L Stroker kit. Consisting of a new forged counter weight crankshaft, Forged pistons and connecting rods, the Stroker kit uses increased displacement to push more power to spin the twin HKS GT1000 turbochargers, the HKS snails exit into a Greddy down pipe and into a refreshingly stealthy exhaust system.

Sugino-san and the Endless crew paid careful attention to the head by cleaning up and modifying the water galleys as well as porting and polishing the intake and exhaust ports to further improve air flow. Endless also fitted a complete HKS valvetrain actuated by HKS higher lift/duration cams.

Breathing in through a pair of HKS Power Flow intakes, the GT1000 turbochargers blow into HKS intercooler piping and an HKS GT1000 front-mount intercooler. Sharing space in the nose with a HKS oil cooler kit, the HKS unit helps keep the intake charge temperature under control.

Not forgetting the drivetrain, the gearbox is running a NEKO Corporation Super gear (1-6 speed) enhanced cross mission, 9 plate clutch, Trust DCT cooler plus carbon front and rear carbon differentials to maximise grip through the corners.

In order to repeatedly and consistently stop this massive yellow missile, Endless installed a set of Endless Monoblock six-piston front and six-piston rear brakes. Fitted with huge 400mm front and rear two-piece brake rotors, the Endless callipers squeeze Endless NA-R brake pads and have proven to be fade-free in testing.

As impressive as the Endless-tuned VR38 engine, drive train and braking setup is, the real jewel is the adjustable Endless custom setup suspension system.

The coilovers provide the perfect dampening settings, set up using hours of trackside research. Giving the R35 balance and control, these coilovers allow the heavyweight GT-R to dance like a flyweight and drive like a car half its size.

Carbon fibre is also used as part of the diet regiment, showing up all over the car- roof, wings, canards, front and rear diffusers, hood and trunk. All the body parts are from high end shops such as HKS Kansai, Varis, wald etc no cheap copies here.

The lightweight body parts are immaculately moulded, with parts passing for OEM replacements to the passing eye. Offsetting the weight of the six-point roll cage, the carbon body parts combined with the lightweight Bride bucket seats and stripped backseat to help bring this R35's hefty curb weight down to a reasonable number.

The Yellow Dragon is not your average tuned GT-R, and Endless is not your average tuner garage. Changes have been made to the engine, transmission, brakes, tires, body and interior, but every piece has been engineered and thought out to provide a distinct advantage. So it's no wonder that when you take the mighty R35 GT-R, and then add in Endles to the equation, you end up with success.

We believe this is one of the best all round built R35 GT-Rs currently out there, if you are after a proven car built by a Japanese tuning legend look no further.


HKS 4.1litre stroker KIT

HKS forged billet pistons

HKS forged billet connecting Rods

HKS Forged billet counter weight crankshaft

HKS GT1000 Turbo kit

Greddy BOVs

HKS Camshafts

HKS Valve Springs

HKS intake manifold

HKS GT1000Spec Intercooler

HKS Suction Kit

Twin Injection

Third 295L / h Fuel Pump x2

Third 1000cc Injector

Bosch Additional external Fuel Pump

Endless Original Setting ECU

Trust muffler (also comes with a One-Off Racing Full Titanium Muffler single outlet)

Top secret Coolant tanks

Top Secret catch tank

HKS/Trust intercooler piping kit

Samco radiator hoses

Drive train

NEKO Corporation Super gear (1-6 speed) enhanced cross mission

9-plate strengthened clutch

Final support

Trust DCT cooler

MY13 Mission data

Front and rear Carbon LSD


Advan Racng GT 12J alloy wheels (20”)

Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 - 325/30 R20 (Brand new)

Endless monoblock 6 pot calliper front

Endless monoblock 6 pot calliper rear

400mm discs all round

Carbon kevlar brake air guides

Racing brake pads

Front upper arm

Front lower arm pillow

Control rod

Traction rod

Camber arm

Rear knuckle Full pillow Bush replacement

Late model front lower arm

Endless Original circuit SPEC suspension


Original Front carbon Diffuser Kai

WALD Side Diffuser

Kansai Service Front Wide Fender

Kansai Service Rear Wide Fender

Varris Carbon Bonnet

Kansai Service Carbon GT Wing

MY17 Headlight

Carbon rear diffuser

Top secret aero catches


2 brand new genuine Bride low maxs (Also comes with a spare Dry carbon one-off full bucket seat)

Cusco 9-point roll cage

Stripped out interior (not difficult to put back to stock)

Electrical system


Other info:

Please not in the underside pics the tyres were the old set and since been replaced with brand new Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2’s.

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