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£110,000 (GBP)

Nissan Skyline R32 GT-R Endless R

• 06/1991 Nissan Skyline R32 GT-R

• Endless-R Japan Nismo Z-Tune Tribute car

• 685ps at 1.4 bar

• R34 GTR 6 speed transmission


HJA is thrilled to present to you this meticulously crafted R32 GT-R, custom-built by the renowned Japanese GT-R Tuning specialists, Endless-R Japan.

Endless Racing's motto, "Steal a person's heart" embodies a beautiful sentiment. Established in 1987 by Saguino-San, Endless-R Total Tune & Performance is a renowned tuner based in Kobe, Japan.

Specializing in GTRs, Endless-R excels in tuning and performance both on the drag strip and the circuit. As RH9 members, they are recognized at the highest echelon of tuning expertise. Their acclaim extends through numerous magazine features, and they also produce a variety of original parts.

We've reiterated it time and again: the Skyline GT-R is a truly remarkable machine, its capabilities undeniable. Consider this R32 Skyline GT-R, meticulously crafted by Endless-R for a dedicated client who also owns an R34 Nismo Z-Tune. The goal was not merely to replicate the Z-Tunes aesthetics, but to also match its performance prowess. This is where Endless-R steps in, ensuring that this tribute not only mirrors the looks but also rivals its performance counterpart.

The path to dominance begins with the heart of the machine. Endless-R discarded the stock internals and instead installed a range of reinforced components. This includes a Billet Forged Trust crankshaft capable of handling over 1000bhp, HKS 87mm Step II Nickel plated forged pistons and Trust H-section forged connecting rods.

Attention to lubrication was paramount, with Endless incorporating a high-flow oil pump drawing from the Custom Endless 9-liter sump extension to mitigate any oil starvation concerns during high G-force cornering or acceleration.

Harnessing its increased displacement, the Forged motor directs extra power to spin the twin Garrett turbochargers. Exhaust gases flow through a Tomei titanium downpipe and cat-back exhaust, not only does it boast stunning aesthetics, but its sound is truly epic!

Drawing air through a duo of high-flow intakes, the Garret turbochargers force it into Trust intercooler piping and a Trust front-mount intercooler. This cooled air is then directed upwards to the Endless R intake, ensuring even distribution into each cylinder.

Additionally, Endless-R fitted an R34 GT-R 6-speed transmission. Paired with the increased displacement and appropriately sized turbos, this combination delivers an electrifying driving sensation. The typically sluggish low-RPM behaviour of the RB26 engine has been entirely revamped into a torque-rich, responsive powerhouse. The vehicle boasts exceptional speed, with acceleration that is relentless; one must remain fully engaged, especially when high boost is activated!

To ensure repeated and consistent braking performance for this high-speed powerhouse, Endless equipped it with Brembo R35 GT-R front brake callipers and discs, complemented by upgraded rear callipers. These components synergize perfectly with the overall setup of the vehicle.


For suspension, rare and premium Quantum coilovers were chosen, offering meticulously tuned damping settings derived from extensive trackside research. Providing the R32 with exemplary balance and control, these coilovers enable the GT-R to manoeuvre with the agility of a lightweight contender.


In order to align with the enhanced chassis rigidity of the Nismo Z-Tune, Endless-R painstakingly performed seam and spot welding across key areas of the chassis. This meticulous process effectively reinforces the chassis, enhancing its stiffness and overall performance.

With such a strong emphasis on performance enhancements, it might be assumed that other aspects of the car could have been neglected. However, that's far from the truth with this R32. Its exterior has been meticulously adorned with an array of rare parts and finished with KY0 silver paint, identical to that of the Z-tune model. The result is a visually stunning masterpiece that truly captures the eye.

The Skyline GT-R brand has become highly coveted worldwide, arguably emerging as the most desirable car in today's growing classic and performance car market. Whether you seek a cherished modified example for personal enjoyment, to add to a collection, or as an investment, there's no need to search any further.


2770cc engine (Equivalate to a 2.8)Early BNR32 Block (higher nickel content)

Trust billet counter crankshaft

HKS Step 2 Nickel plated Forged Pistons

Trust H Beam rods

Custom 9 litre extended sump

Extended pickup

High flow oil pump

ATI damper pulley

Tomei timing belt (Changed Sept 2020)

N1 water pump

Ported and polished head

Modified Squish pads

Head surface correction

Head modified for larger cam lobe clearance

HKS 272 camshafts

Greddy cam pulleys

Tomei turbo elbows

Garret -5 twin turbos 

Trust manifolds

Endless-R intake plenum single throttle

Tomei expreme downpipe

Tomei expreme decat

Tomei expreme catback

Greddy/trust intercooler hard pipes

Greddy/trust intake pipe kit

Catch can plumbed directly into the sump 

Endless-R custom cam covers/intake wrinkle finish

Odessey Dry cell race battery



Trust/Greddy intercooler

Trust/Greddy Oil cooler

Trust/Greddy alloy rad 


1050 Asnu injectors 

Asnu fuel rail

SARD Adjustable fuel reg

Large flow fuel pump in tank


R34 GTR getrag 6 speed gearbox

ATS Carbonetics carbon triple plate clutchNismo rear diff

R33 rear subframe 


Stitch/seam welded chassis 

Quantum Suspension 

R35 front brake conversion 

Nissan 370 rear brake conversion 

Ikeya formula arms 

Zealou5 one off Titanium strut brace

Nismo rear boot strut brace


Syvecs S7i with


Dry carbon custom bonnet (Beautifully made)LMGT4 wheels with Michelin Cup 2 tyres 

N1 headlights 

N1 bumper ducts

Trust rear spats

Fuji Carbon Gurney flap 

Aero catches


Robson – Full Z tune themed retrimmed interior

R34 GT-R front seats

MOMO race wheel

Trust Shift knob


[Other Info]

Big Service done by Redline Tuning 02/2023

Zealou5 Titanium bonnet stay Cambelt done Sept 2020

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