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£280,000 (GBP)

Sunline Racing R34 GT-R Demo

• 01/1999 Nissan Skyline R34 GT-R Sunline Racing Demo Car

• Built by world famous Sunline Racing (SLR) to over 700ps+ spec

• Featured in countless magazines and videos worldwide

• 14,000km (Nismo meters) 71,000KM total

• Engine and gearbox overhaul less than 3,500km ago

Free storage Until U.S Legal (Jan 2024)


HJA is thrilled to unveil the legendary Sunline Racing R34 GT-R, a car that commands respect alongside other iconic GT-R Heroes such as the Mines BNR34. As one of the most celebrated modified road-going Skylines in the world, this vehicle represents the ultimate dream car for enthusiasts.

In the Skyline GT-R tuning world, Sun Line Racing (SLR) definitely needs no introduction; the Okayama-based shop’s reputation for building hardcore track weapons with an ultra-high attention to detail precedes them. But with this BNR34 demo machine, they took all of their race-car-building knowhow and applied it to a street car.

That’s not to say it was watered down though; the engine produced 720PS at 1.5bar (22psi) of boost pressure, and it managed sub-1-minute lap times around Tsukuba Circuit in full road-going trim. As far as tuned R34 GT-Rs go, this one remains absolute royalty, many years after being built and 10+ years before we managed to find it.

The centrepiece of the Sun Line R34 is its full N1 engine-based build. SLR chose HKS’s 2.8L stroker kit to increase capacity and strength, and then made the most of it with HKS’s V-CAM system in a fully race-prepped cylinder head, a giant Trust T88-34D turbocharger, HPI front-mount intercooler, Nismo plenum, Sard 800cc injectors and custom SLR titanium down-pipe and exhaust among many other upgrades.

The HKS V-Cam Pro is a system that replaces the intake camshaft to offer variable valve timing on the intake side. The system works with the HKS F-Con V Pro engine management system to optimize the power band for a wider range of outputs and not just high power. The SLR team has used the V-Cam system for this purpose with great success.

As impressive as the tuned RB28 engine is, one of the main jewels is hidden out of sight. SLR installed a Hollinger 6 speed sequential transmission. This is known to be one of, if not the best Sequential gearboxes available for the skyline GT-R. The gearbox alone will set you back around £20,000 landed, so it really goes to show you no corners were cut in the production of this epic R34 GT-R.

The stock clutch has been changed out for a 800whp-ready Exedy triple plate clutch, which feeds into an ATS carbon limited-slip differential. While the clutch and gearbox may seem intimidating, they are actually manageable for street use. With practice, drivers can become comfortable using them.

In order to repeatedly and consistently stop this carbon missile, SLR installed a set of Endless Monoblock six-piston front and four-piston rear brakes. Fitted with huge 370mm front and 332mm rear two-piece brake rotors, the Endless callipers squeeze Endless NA-R brake pads and have proven to be fade-free in testing.

For suspension, every arm and rod that could be replaced was done so with adjustable SLR items. The coilovers are even Sun Line Racing’s own specification and provide the perfect dampening settings, set up using hours of trackside research. Giving the R34 balance and control at high speeds, these coilovers allow the heavyweight GT-R to dance like a flyweight and drive like a car half its size.

Outside, carbon fibre is in no short supply. The composite material was used for the bonnet, fenders, boot and GT wing blade – and it was all made in-house at SLR. C-West provided the front bumper (with carbon canards) and Craft Square the carbon mirrors.

As it was built as a road car first and foremost, and despite what the race-ready exterior says, you won’t find a stripped interior inside this R34. Yes, there’s a roll cage, but it’s been neatly integrated so as not to limit entry and exit in any way. SLR chose Bride Gias carbon reclining buckets for the front seating, a limited edition vertex steering wheel, Nismo meters, and added their own custom dry carbon door panels.

Sunline Racing's R34 GT-R is not your average tuned Skyline, and Sunline Racing is not your average tuner garage. Changes have been made to the engine, transmission, brakes, tires, body and interior, but every piece has been engineered and thought out to provide a distinct advantage. So it's no wonder that when you take the mighty Skyline GT-R, and then add in SLR to the equation, you end up with success.


Brand new N1 block and cylinder head used at time of production

Block processed in key areas

Dummy head boring

HKS 2.8 Stroker kit built by Sunline Racing

HKS 87mm forged pistons

HKS H section forged connecting rod

HKS Forged lightweight full counter crank

Trust large capacity sump extension

Tomei Head and crank studs/bolts

Tomei bearings

Tomei oil pump

Tomei timing belt

Tomei Head gasket 1.5mm


Tomei Exhaust cam 270- 10.5 lift

Tomei adjustable cam gear

Tomei valve springs type B

Tomei Valve lifters

Cylinder head processing:

Head surface correction

Polished New valves

New race valve guides

Water jacket processing

Enlarged ports (Inlet/exhaust)

Head modified for larger cam lobe clearance

Trust T88H-34D (New style)

Trust manifold

Trust External wastegate

Trust Type R blow off valve

SLR custom titan 100mm front pipe

SLR custom titan 100mm exhaust

HKS air intake

SLR custom titanium exhaust

SLR custom titanium downpipe

NISMO Plenum

SLR titanium in take piping

SLR Carbon dipped engine covers

Naprec throttle body processing 49

Intake manifold internally enlarged

Mines cam baffles

N1 water pump

SLR catch tank

Samco coolant hoses

HKS Coil packs


SLR GT radiator Type R

SLR radiator cooling panel

SLR coolant expansion tank

Trust oil cooler kit

A/C removed

Billion Thermostat

HPI intercooler


Tomei fuel rail

Sard 800cc fuel injectors (new style)

Sard Fuel Pressure regulator

Installed in the trunk SLR collector tank

Lightweight Teflon Fuel lines

HKS fuel pump in tank

Bosch 044 fuel pumps x 2

Pro metal fuel lines

Cpu and controllers:

HKS FCON VPRO (Sunline racing settings)

HKS V-cam controller

Blitz duel sbc boost controller with scramble boost button

Field ETS torque spilt controller


Holinger 6 speed Sequential transmission (Almost £20k for the gearbox alone!)

Gear shift electronic indicator

Exedy triple plate clutch (biting point is not snappy)

ATS front carbon diff

Trust large capacity front diff cover

Trust large capacity frear diff cover

OS Giken rear differential


Front endless MONOBLOCK 6 pot (370mm)

Rear endless MONOBLOCK 4 pot (332mm)

Braided lines


SLR racing coil over kit (Built to SLR spec)

SLR adjustable upper arm

SLR GT knuckle adapter

SLR tension rods

SLR Rear pillo ball camber arms

SLR rear pillo tension rod

SLR rear racing lower arm

SLR rear member brace

SLR front titanium strut brace

Nismo front lower arms


Bride Gias Carbon driver and passenger seats

Limited edition Vertex X Yokohama Advan steering wheel (new)

Nismo meters

SLR carbon door cards


SLR GT full carbon bodykit

Cwest front bumper with added canards

SLR GT spec carbon bonnet

SLR carbon boot lid

SLR carbon 3D GT wing

SLR rear led light conversion (Similar to Nismo)

Carbon craft square mirrors

Aero catches

Wheels and Tyres:

ENKEI RS05RR 18” 11J

Toyo proxes R888R (295/30/18 all around)

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