Nissan S15 Silvia Spec R (Road legal)

• 07/2002 Nissan S15 Silvia Spec R

• 29,000km Genuine (18,125 miles)

• U.K Registered/MOT'd also comes with road-legal rear tyres.

• Endless R Japan demo car!

• Quickest quarter time run in Japan 9.5 sec

• 950ps spec

• Manual HKS 5 speed sequential gearbox

HJA present to you this absolutely awesome machine built by Legendary Japanese tuners Endless R. This insane machine produces over 900hp on race gas without the Nitrous activated! This is one of the most well-respected drag spec S15s in the drag racing scene in Japan.

With decades of tuning experience Endless R have poured their knowhow into the engine creating a complete fire breathing road going monster, just the idle of this thing will scare most people let alone on high boost!

Sugino San is the president of Endless R and also member of the Elite “Club RH9” club Japan. He has run a 9.5 second in this car previously and since then the engine has been modified further so he has told us it would run a high 8 or very low 9 sec.

Start of the build Sugino San added Liners to the block to further Strengthen the SR20 for all of the extra load which would be put through it. The Block was then tricked out with only top branded aftermarket parts from Tomei/HKS and then fully balanced to run 9k+ rpm reliably.

Sugino-san and the Endless crew paid careful attention to the head by cleaning up and modifying the water galleys as well as porting and polishing the intake and exhaust ports to further improve air flow. Endless also fitted a complete HKS drag-spec valvetrain actuated by Tomei SPL Pro cams.

The SR20 builds boost with a massive new style Trust T88-34D. In competition spec, Endless sets the boost at 33/34 psi managed by GReddy Type-R wastegate in conjunction with a HKS EVC6 boost controller. With its 100mm diameter, the custom Endless titanium exhaust flows as freely as possible.

Drag racing subjects a vehicle’s drivetrain to serious abuse. With this in mind, Endless channelled power through to the rear wheels via a HKS 5 speed sequential gearbox, mated to a special-order HKS multiplate clutch, ATS limited-slip differential, Endless added reinforced drive shafts and subframe from a GTR to endure the obvious shock from a 9,000 rpm clutch-dumping launch through the massive 315 Hoosiers drag Radials.

If you are after a fully pro built genuine 900ps+ S15 look no further, A small fortune has been spent of this, it would cost more than double the asking price to even build something remotely close.


Block processed with thicker liners

Tomei 2.2 Stroker kit

Tomei Forged pistons

Tomei Forged full-counter crank

Tomei Forged H-beam rods

HKS valvetrain head system (9k rpm)

HKS Valves / Springs/Rocker stopper/Valve stem seals

Head ported/polished with Squish pads removed

HKS Drag-Spec Head Gasket

Tomei SPL pro cams 280+

Trust T88-34D 15cm

Trust External wastegate with screamer pipe

Trust manifold

Tomei Extended sump

Tomei Baffle

Full titanium muffler

Endless Plenum

100mm throttle body

Endless 4 x transistors

Trust/Greddy catch tank

Trust/Greddy radiator

Trust/Greddy oil cooler

Trust/Greddy intercooler piping

Trust/Greddy GTR drag intercooler

Samco rad hoses


Sard 1000cc injectors

Trust billet fuel rail

Endless custom Metal fuel lines

1000cc injectors

Sard fuel pressure regulator

3 x Bosch 044 fuel pumps

Sard fuel swirl pot


HKS 5 speed sequential gearbox

Gtr rear LSD housing and drive shaft


drag member with different arm angle

D2 drag suspension

Hoosier 315 drag radials

Controllers and CPU

HKS Fcon v pro

HKS mixture controller (used to set launch control rpm)

Pro start

HKS EVC 6 boost controller

Aem Wideband

Greddy gauges

NOS (currently not activated)

Line lock

Interior and Exterior

Rear arch extensions

Weight plate rack in boot

Cusco roll cage

Momo steering wheel

Recaro bucket seat

Willans harnesses

Relocated battery