£1,600,000 (GBP)


• 10/1998 Nismo 400R #40/40

• 61,000kms Genuine

• Full documented service history from new

• Comes with Original Nismo book/original Nismo 400R key

• No accident history

• Last BN6 Deep Marine Blue V-Spec (Series 3)


HJA are delighted to offer you one of Japan’s most revered sports car, the Nismo 400R. This particular 400R aka “Sully” is world renown and has featured in a number of automotive articles across the globe as well as being invited by Nissan/Nismo to be presented on their stand at the Goodwood Festival Of Speed in 2016, an accolade few can claim.

Without a shadow of a doubt the Skyline GT-R is the hottest model on the used car market right now. With record selling prices constantly being smashed, low mileage V-spec II/M-spec Nurs regularly fetching £300,000+ auction hammer prices only and Excluding any import fees! The “Top Dogs” being the Nismo 400R and Nismo Z tune are now exchanging hands at eye watering multimillion pound figures

Its not only the final 400R produced (#40/40) making it the last of the Mohicans in the 400R world, but also its the last Deep Marine Blue V-Spec produced making it an even rarer example. Regarding production numbers, it is believed a maximum of 40 may have been produced, however only 19 plus the one-off prototype have been positively verified to remain by the GTR-Registry.

The car comes with the Original Nismo book and a folder full of Japanese and U.K service history going all the way back to the first stamp.

Exterior is in absolutely stunning condition, with all the original Nismo 400R exterior/Aesthetic modifications still looking factory fresh. As you can see from the pics the “BN6” Deep marine blue paintwork still has an amazing deep gloss and looks absolutely gorgeous in any lightning conditions.

Interior is also in excellent state, it retains all the original Nismo gear with an optional Nismo leather shift knob. Nismo seats still offer ample support and have not been sun damaged leaving them a paler shade of blue as seen with so many.

Chassis and engine bay was treated to a full comprehensive detail by Zealou5 who went onto say:

This is without doubt one of the cleanest R33 GTR's we've had the pleasure of restoring. Literally no rust in the usual 33 weak points. Whoever had owned it previously had great respect for the car and probably never even drove it in the wet. THE cleanest and also definitely best protected Nismo 400R in the world as far as we are concerned” – Bobby Proctor Zealou5

A bit more about the Nismo 400R and what makes them so special..

Built by Nissan’s racing division – Nissan Motorsport or more commonly known as, ‘Nismo’ – the 1997 Nismo 400R is a celebration of the Le Mans racing car, with both aforementioned vehicles based on the Nissan Skyline GT-R R33.

Even as a street-legal production car, it is far above merely being a novelty with a catchy paint job, bold racing stripes and a fancy aero package; the Nismo 400R is loaded with radical improvements over the base GT-R model in every department imaginable. In fact, the car’s name is a derivative of rather simple function – the ‘R’ stands for racing, with ‘400’ representing the engine’s output in horsepower. Fitted with all the attributes needed to take on the supercars of the day – which it did with massive success.

Engine & Performance


Engine Type & Size: Inline-6 2.8L Twin-Turbocharged

Horsepower: 400 hp @ 6,800 rpm

Torque: 346 lb-ft @ 4,400 rpm

Redline: 9,000 rpm

O-60 mph: 4.0 seconds

Developed for motor sport use, the RB-X GT2 unit was a collaboration between Nismo and another of Nissan’s competition partners, REINIK.. Most of the engine components had to be upgraded in order to accommodate the roughly 200 cc increase in displacement; a forged crankshaft, forged 87 mm pistons, forged rods, polished cylinder head ports, high-lift camshafts, high-efficient oil system and larger exhaust manifolds were part of the tall order commissioned to the company. Redline was also increased to 9,000 rpm from the standard model’s 8,250 rpm.

Nismo provided the finishing touches to the engine overhaul, adding a pair of N1-spec turbochargers (steel internals) an upgraded titanium exhaust, a new twin-plate clutch and a 100mm Nismo intercooler system. All the of these changes culminated in the power plant outputting no less than 400-horsepower @ 6,800 rpm and 346 lb-ft of torque @ 4,400 rpm. The 400R’s Propshaft, made from carbon fibre, is a 50 percent weight reduction over the steel shaft used in the normal GT-R, coming in at 7.7 kilograms according to NISMO

All these modifications enabled the Nismo 400R to accelerate from 0–60 mph in 4.0 seconds, and a top speed of 186 mph was attainable. Definitely supercar stats for the time.

Chassis & Handling

The Nismo 400R is certainly equipped with a chassis potent enough to keep pace with its engine. Even by today’s standards, the 400R provides a remarkably ideal balance of refinement and raw performance. The Bilstein dampers, despite its stiffer spring rates, are so thoughtfully engineered that the car feels compliant and relaxed when it needs to be – rough surfaces and bumps are thoroughly absorbed – but also never fails to feel planted and grippy in any situation. The 400R could very well have been Nissan’s very first ‘everyday supercar’.

The technologically advanced active limited slip differential and rear-biased ATTESA E-TS Pro AWD system ensure efficient situational power distribution to each wheel resulting in improved turn-in, traction and overall handling. The understeer that seems to plague the other R33 Skyline models – including the GT-R to some degree – seems to be have been dialled to zero thanks to the Nismo treatment.

The Nismo 400 R has excellent braking capabilities as well; more so with this particular 400R having been fitted with the Brembo F40 front Callipers. With the addition of specially produced Nismo brake pads – which like the rest of the chassis, are competent in both street and track applications. 18-inch Nismo LM-GT1 wheels – forged, of course – are fitted in all four corners and wrapped in super beefy 275/35/18 high-performance Bridgestone RE710 tires (Now changed for Yokohama S drive)

Design, Styling & Interior

The Nismo 400R is adorned with a model-exclusive, original Nismo aerodynamic package. Not only did these parts improve downforce and cooling efficiency, but they also gave the 400R a look that set it apart from any other GT-R – past, present or future.

A more aggressive, wider track is notable thanks to 25mm arch extensions over the front and rear wheel wells which house the much wider Nismo LM-GT1 wheels and tires. The front bonnet and adjustable rear spoiler are made from carbon fiber kevlar, while other elements such as a vented front bumper, broad side skirts, and redesigned rear bumper complete the package. ‘400R’ vinyl stripes are seen across each side of the car, while badging on the front grill and trunk lid signify what is ultimately, something very special.

The interior follows a relatively minimalist approach, although that “extra sense of Nismo” continues to be present throughout the cabin. Nismo logos are etched into both reclinable bucket seats, while a ‘400R’ horn button can be found accenting the Nismo leather steering wheel. The gauges and instrument panel are also given the Nismo signature as well as a optional leather shift knob, with their more race-inspired appearances.

In a more subtle manner, the 400R’s tachometer goes up to a maximum 11,000 rpm – as opposed to the 10,000 rpm maximum in the standard GT-R – likely because the redline was respectively increased to 9,000 rpm in the 400R, from the 8,000 rpm seen in the standard GT-R.

The Nismo 400R set the bar for what future Nismo production cars would become. Elements of the 400R are seen even in today’s Nismo GT-R, with its influence apparent in the overall philosophy of its R35 predecessor. As recognizable as it is rare, the ‘original’ Nismo GT-R is both timeless and pioneering in its approach.


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