£80,000 (GBP)

Toyota Supra RZ

05/1996 Toyota Supra RZ • Factory Manual 6 speed • 48,611km (approx. 30,381miles) • No Accident history • Built by CS-Top engineering 900ps Spec

• Factory Colour: Royal sapphire pearl (8L5) only 563 made • HJA Stock code: HJA422

U.S.A Import legal (25 years old)


HJA Bring you this rare monster spec Supra built by CS-Top in Japan. Founded in 1976 Cs-top Engineering are a small shop in the centre of Japan and are well known in the scene for building high powered RB, 2JZ and SR20 engines.

Exterior has been kept in lovely condition and has no accident history, supra’s are very hard to come by now in factory blue metallic which in our opinion is one of the nicest colours for them.

Offsetting the weight of the multipoint roll cage, the FRP body parts combined with the stripped interior help in lowering the kerb weight maximising power to weight ratio. The great thing about this Supra is as hardcore as the car looks it can still be used perfectly as a road car.

Engine spec: the decision was made by CS Top engineering to go for a combination of HKS rods and Cosworth Pistons with an array of valvetrain goodies to allow the engine to rev reliably. The internals are rated to 1000bhp and known to be extremely durable even under the extreme pressures of competition use, many 7 and 8 second supra's are running similar setups.

On arrival we wanted to modernise the fuelling and ecu setup so we sent the car down to Magnum tuning for further modifications. Magnum tuning installed a larger fuel pump, Injector dynamics 1050cc injectors with aftermarket fuel rail, a Link G4 ecu and had it mapped by Romain from Racecal.

The end result was a staggering 820WHP at only 1.7bar with a conservative rev limit set to 7800 (can rev to 8500) this equates to approx. 900hp ATF, video footage of the dyno run can be found on our Instagram.

As you would expect from a from a high-end build/tune it starts and idles beautifully, water temps always stay cool and the engine does not use a drop of oil or water.

Performance... Performance one word that springs to mind….Insane! Once the turbo comes onto boost you enter into warp speed and ferociously accelerate through every gear till you let off! The sound of the Engine/Turbo, exhaust and external wastegate is simply mind blowing- it’s quite an experience. We have running videos of the car on our Instagram & Facebook page also.

It’s not just clean on top underneath is also very impressive with no rust issues at all (Check the pics!) Another point to note is just how clean it is under the rear arches, spare wheel and chassis rails, those that are familiar with will know these are usually problem areas. The condition of the chassis Puts most newer cars to shame which is simply remarkable considering the age of the car.

Here at HJA we are known to deal in crazy spec JDM vehicles and this definitely is one of those more extreme cars that we have had the pleasure of stocking.

Surprisingly enough can be driven on the road by those brave enough, but make sure you have an empty road before you put your foot down as It's definitely a car that lives up to its expectations.

To say this car attracts attention is a slight understatement, it looks and sounds completely bonkers and driving down the town gets everyone's attention, it will be a great crowd pleaser at shows and meets.

Sourcing properly built heavily modified examples like this is really like finding a needle in a hay stack. It’s been a while since such a high spec Supra has come up for sale, so if you are after a truly cherished example to enjoy yourself, to be part of a collection or as an investment look no further.


Cosworth 87mm forged Pistons

HKS H cross section forged Con Rods

HKS 272 ° IN & EX Cams

Titanium retainers

Reinforced valve springs

Reinforced valve guides

Greddy intake/plenum

90mm Throttle

T88H-34D Turbo Kit

HKS manifold

Trust type C HI flow Wastegate

Blitz version R Intercooler

HKS Exhaust System

ORC Clutch (4 plate)

HKS Twin Power

Decat Pipe

Oil Filter Relocation Kit

Metal Suction Pipe

Blitz Air Cleaner

Greddy Metal Upper Rad Hose

Oil Catch Can

Adjustable Fuel Pressure Regulator

Titan motorsports fuel rail

Injector dynamics 1050cc injectors

Walbro 530 Fuel Pump

Hurst Line Lock

Trust Oil Cooler



HKS Drag Dampers

Swift Racing Rear Springs


CS Top Front Bumper

Carbon Vented Bonnet

Front Toe Eye

Work emotion 18” wheels

Toyo R888R tyres (brand New)


One off 13-point type chromoly roll bar

Bride Full Bucket Seat for Driver

Sabelt Harness

Recaro Recliner

Battery Moved to Case in Rear

Veilside Steering Wheel

Handbrake Drift Button

TRD 320 KMH Speedo

Greddy Turbo Timer

CPU and controllers:

Link G4 ECU mapped by Racecal

Greddy / HKS Meters

HKS EVC boost controller

Other info:

Air Con Removed

Works carried out by Magnum tuning (August 2020):

- Install Link G4 ecu

- Walbro 530 pump kit

- Power steering refresh kit

- Exhaust bung

- Iridium 8 plugs

- Fuel tank fittings

- New Battery

- Titan motosports Fuel rail

- Injector dynamics 1050x injectors

- Injector adapters

- HKS exhaust

- Fuel delivery fittings and hose and fitting

-tyre fitment

- Cambelt, cam seals, crank seal

cambelt, cam seals, crank seal install

alternator belt

-Fuel pump relay kit and install -Downpipe mod Exhaust wrap

-Redline ester 10w60 oil

-Oil filter