Ferrari 348 Competizione LM Conversion

• No accident history

• 48,449km (approx. 30K Miles)

• Comprehensive Service history

• Registered on the Ferrari Registry as a 348 “GT Competizione LM Conversion”

• Stock code: HJA460

HJA is delighted to offer you this super-rare Ferrari 348 equipped with the GT Competizione LM package complete with documented history from new.

Recently serviced at ICS Motorsport, it was noted to be one of the cleanest 348s they’d ever worked on and boasts an array of upgrades including BBS E28 Magnesium wheels.

The car is in stunning condition throughout and really needs to be seen in the metal to be fully appreciated. The chassis is also in brilliant condition with no rust issues.

Included with the car is a comprehensive history including a fax from official Ferrari dealer Ineco Auto S.P.A confirming the Competizione LM upgrades fitted.

Italian History (Ferrari Official Dealer Ineco Auto S.p.A. Italy)

The engine has been converted to the F119H specification with around 20bhp more, with the F119H heads, pistons, throttle bodies, valve springs etc. So, it's a full conversion including the more powerful engine, albeit using the F119D as a 'base' with then all the F119H internals (as found on the GTB/GTS & Comp models)

• Engine power increased by 20bhp (Same as the GT Competizione)

• Lightened front and rear bumpers

• Race clutch

• BBS E28 Magnesium wheels; they're an option for the challenge/race cars and super rare/expensive.

• new gear ratio 25-27 (old 26-27)

• Complete engine overhaul including new cylinder head, pistons, intake, throttle body, valve springs etc.

Japanese History

• 03/2000 brake fluid change (8,955km)

• Apri 2000 timing belt replacement

• 03/2002 brake fluid change (11,134km)

• 02/2004 engine & transmission oil change (16,933km)

• 07/2004 service (18,921km)

• 04/2005 engine & transmission oil change (23,988km)

• 09/2005 engine oil change and clutch bleeding (26,448km)

• 02/2006 vehicle inspection (27,418km)

• 08/2006 service work accumulator & brake wire

• 05/2007 major overhaul new clutch disc, pressure plate, timing belt + tensioner, cam cover gaskets (32,208km)

• 03/2008 inspection, brake fluid change

• 11/2008 engine & differential oil change (36,446km)

• 08/2009 check and repair shift lever vibration (39,002km)

• 02/2010 vehicle inspection, engine oil change, brake and clutch fluid change (39,506km)

• 01/2011 engine/gearbox oil change, brake fluid (40,574km)

• 12/2012 timing belt/water pump replacement

• 01/2013 Major overhaul: new gearbox, ac compressor, engine mounts, transmission mounts, complete clutch kit, rear crank seal, timing belt cover, flywheel idler. New timing belt replaced, tensioner, water pump, silicon coolant hoses. Air control ecu repair , engine and brake fluid change.

• 12/2013 F355 flange & release bearing + new clutch disc, gearbox oil change (45,389km)

• 05/2014 inspection, brake fluid, gearbox oil, power steering fluid, engine oil, brake pads & tyres, new battery (46,386km)

• 07/2015 Inspection (48,239km)

• Oct 15 2020 (Service on arrival)

Oil Filter, Air Filters, Spark plugs, Fuel filters, Oil x 11L, Coolant x 5L, Brake Fluid x 2L, Timing Belt Kit, Timing belt, Belt tensioners (uprated), Aux belts, HT Lead Set , HT Lead clips ,Engine Cover Struts, Fuel Flap Rubber

• Current mileage: 48,449km

Other upgrades:

BBS E28 Magnesium wheels

Ferrari F40 rear light conversion

M S Racing exhaust (sounds amazing!)