Toyota Celica GT-4 RC

• 12/1991 Toyota Celica GT-4 RC

• 34,413kms (21,500 miles) Genuine!

• Japanese Auction grade 4.5 B!

• No accident repair history

• Stock code: HJA498

HJA bring you this absolutely stunning low mileage Celica GT-4 “RC” just in from Japan, these little gems are becoming ever more difficult to find in low mileage factory condition. As they are now on the hit list for many collectors prices have soared recently and continue to rise.

To meet the FIA requirement for WRC, the homologation rally edition of 5000 units was known as the GT-Four RC was launched in September 1991 for the Japanese market. The export version is known as Carlos Sainz (CS) Limited Edition in Singapore and Europe (in honour of their famous WRC driver), or Group A Rallye in Australia. Special features include:

• a water-to-air intercooler instead of the standard air-to-air unit, which was much better suited for competition use.

• Different hood used to evacuate air from the engine bay rather than direct it to the intercooler (along with a small inlet duct for timing belt cooling).

• Different bumper that is much lighter and has more openings than the standard one.

• Shortened shift lever throw and clutch pedal travel.

• Triple cone synchromesh on gears 2 and 3, up from double cone.

Only 5,000 of these variants were made. Of those, 1,800 went to Japan as GT-FOUR RC models, 3,000 went to Europe as Carlos Sainz limited edition models, 150 went to Australia as Group A Rallye models, 25 went to Singapore as Sainz limited models, and the remaining 25 were sold in “general markets”.

As you can see from the pics the car is in outstanding condition throughout, quite hard to believe this cult classic is now 30 years old as it still looks and drives like new!

Exterior apart from a couple of sections is still on factory paint and is in amazing condition all over. It has all the original factory panels with no sign of it ever being pulled apart.

Engine; Completely stock right down to the factory airbox and exhaust, even running factory boost the engine pulls effortlessly throughout the rev range keeping you pinned to the seat. Mechanically it runs like a dream and without fault.

Interior is in outstanding condition, apart from a couple of minor scuffs its pretty much like new! The seats feel like they’ve hardly been sat in, carpet/trims are all factory fresh.

Chassis is also clean with no rust issues whatsoever, still has all the original factory underseal and has not got any jack damage to the chassis rails etc.

Sourcing examples like this is like finding a needle in a hay stack. Overall if you are after a truly cherished example to enjoy yourself, to be part of a collection or as an investment look no further.