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Nissan Skyline R34 GT-R MNPII

• 03/1999 Nissan Skyline R34 GT-R Midnight Purple II (LV4)

• No Accident History & VX report clear

• 1 owner from new in Japan

• 137,400 kms with Full Japanese comprehensive service history

• 347 MNP II were produced, 65 Standard models and 282 V-Spec models.

• This is one of the rarer 65 Standard models

• Completely 100% Factory stock example extremely rare find

• Major service at 137,429kms (Timing belt, all fluids/Engine/gearbox/Diff etc)

Special offer: Free storage until U.S legal

HJA are excited to offer you this stunningly rare R34 GT-R Midnight purple II. Fresh import, 1 owner from new, no accident history, fully backed up with comprehensive service history starting from 870 kms!

Without a shadow of a doubt the Skyline GT-R is the hottest model on the used car market right now. With record selling prices constantly being smashed, low mileage V-spec II/M-spec Nurs regularly fetching £300,000+ auction hammer prices only (Excluding any import fees). Rarer models such as the R34 Z-Tune are exchanging hands at eye watering multimillion pound figures.

In 2021 a Midnight Purple II R34 GT-R V-Spec (legal under show and display) was listed and sold for a staggering $315,187 on bring a trailer auction site in the U.S.

This is a rare opportunity to own a completely stock 1 owner MNPII R34 GT-R which we believe is the only one currently available. If you are based in the U.S we are offering free covered storage until import legal.

It comes with a stack of Nissan service history & Inspection sheets from over the years further affirming how well maintained the car has been throughout its life.

Maintenance/Inspection sheets:

870kms, 4630kms, 6263kms, 9938kms, 15346kms, 20280kms, 24512kms, 30534 kms, 33566kms, 38411kms, 40722kms, 46432kms, 52422kms, 53933kms, 64425kms, 69766kms, 71829kms, 76808kms, 81868kms, 84712kms, 89192kms, 92660kms, 95211kms, 99184kms, 102607kms, 104880kms, 107572kms, 109657kms, 112203kms,115641kms, 119930kms, 121569kms, 124512kms, 126387kms,128243kms, 129313kms, 130562kms, 132626kms, 134788kms, 136315kms, 136892kms,137429 kms

Midnight purple II being one of the most sought after colours for the R34 GT-R, when you see it in the flesh you can quickly understand why. The paintwork is in great condition and still retains that factory deep gloss. The flips in the paint under different light conditions is simply stunning.

Interior is also in good condition and completely stock with only minor wear and tear. It retains all the oem equipment right down to the Nissan Alpine stereo system!

It’s not just clean on top, underneath is also in amazing and original condition. Another point to note is just how clean the strut tops, rear arches and spare wheel area are, those that are familiar with GTR’s will know these are usually is a problem areas.

As you would expect from a GTR of this standard it drives absolutely beautifully and exactly how you would expect it to have driven from the factory. Oil pressure is healthy 6 bar cold start and 2.5bar hot idle. The iconic Rb26 Engine pulls boisterously throughout the rev range without any hesitation. The gearbox is nice and fluent with no crunches.

Sourcing limited edition examples like this is like finding a needle in a hay stack these days. Overall if you are after a truly cherished example to enjoy yourself, to be part of a collection or as an investment look no further.

Other info:

• Non smoker car

• Privacy glass

• Optional fog lights

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