Nissan Skyline R32 GT-R

• 1992 Nissan Skyline R32 GT-R (series 2)

• Japanese auction grade 4

• No accident history

• Total 126,105km Genuine

• Engine built by Garage Akasaka and setup by Scuderia VRK Japan

• 732 Black Pearl Metallic

• Japanese service history

• Power circa 450ps

• Stock code: HJA508

HJA brings you this absolutely stunning R32 GT-R fresh in from Japan built by Garage Akasaka Japan. If you are reading this, then I’m sure you are already aware of what’s been going on with GT-R prices of recent. Fuelled by massive worldwide demand, Skyline GT-R prices have been regularly headlining automotive media outlets as they keep continually smashing previous record sold prices.

We cannot stress how difficult it is to find straight rust-free examples such as this. We have a team in Japan who are constantly scouting for only top end GTR’s for our stock. We check hundreds of GT-R’s a month and only pick a handful that meets our standards.

Exterior kept in stunning condition throughout, the black pearl metallic paintwork still has a lovely deep gloss, truly hard to believe the car is now 30 years old. It benefits from sought-after parts such as the N1 front bumper vents coupled with the 18” 10.5J Volk racing TE37’s, a simple combination but looks incredible!

The Interior is in great condition and the dash is bubble-free and not littered with gauges. The roll cage has been fitted to a very high standard and is not intrusive to the driver but can also be removed if required.

The iconic Rb26 Engine pulls very strongly throughout the rev range without any hesitation and sounds incredible thanks to the titanium exhaust.

Gearbox is nice and fluent with no crunches. There are no knocks or rattles from the HKS hypermax suspension coupled with the other suspension mods the car handles superbly.

Its been equipped with a number of modifications during its overhaul by Garage Akasaka such as the Trust sump extension and oil N1 pump to take care of any oil surge issues. Also installed a pair of BNR43 Nismo N1 turbo chargers so it only really needs a few upgrades (Injectors) and it could comfortably see into the 500s.

It’s not just clean on top underneath is also very impressive with no rust issues (just check the pics), another point to note is just how clean it is under the rear arches, spare wheel and chassis rails, those that are familiar with R32’s will know these are usually problem areas. The condition of the chassis Puts most newer cars to shame which is simply remarkable considering the age of the car.

The R32 GT-R is now extremely sought after worldwide and is considered the next big thing in the burgeoning classic and performance car market.

Sourcing examples like this is like finding a needle in a hay stack. Overall if you are after a cherished example to enjoy yourself, to be part of a collection or as an investment look no further.


Engine built by Garage Akasaka and tuned by Scuderia VRK Japan at 80k kms

BNR34 base engine

BNR34 N1 Twin turbos

Tomei Pon camS B IN EX 260 °

Trust Extended sump

N1 Oil pump

N1 water pump

Treated Nismo N1 crank and rod bearings

HKS 87-1.2mm gasket

HKS metal inlet/exhaust gasket kit

HKS air filters

Oil catch tank

Nismo fuel pressure regulator

Oil filter relocation kit

ARC intercooler

KOYO / Aluminium 2-Layer Wide Radiator

Earls oil cooler kit

De cat

MIDORI Silent High Power NR Muffler (Titanium)

Mines / Stainless Steel etc. × 2⇒80) downpipe

De cat

NISMO Copper Mix Twin Clutch


HKS Hypermax IV coilover suspension

Cusco Front Upper Arm-5mm

Nismo Rear Upper Arm

Nismo Transverse Link

Hicas lockout kit

Tein front tension rods

Roll cage (bolted in- can be removed)

AGY Mission Member Colar

AGY Rear Member Supporter

NISMO Mission Reinforcement Mount

Scuderia VRK Upper Arm Bracket-7mm

Wheels and brakes:

18” TE37 Saga Racing green wheels (18” x 10.5j +15)

Grex/Greddy 6 pot callipers front (355mm Rotors)

Grex/Greddy 4 pot callipers front (330mm rotors)

Grex/Greddy slotted brake discs front and rear

Cusco / Master Cylinder Stopper

CPU and controllers:


Defi boost gauge

Apexi Power FC


N1 front bumper vents

Rear light covers carbon dipped


Bride full bucket seat

Battery relocated to boot

Custom aluminium rear plate

Other info:

Meter change at 39,628KM, currently reading 86,477km

Total 126,105km