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Nissan Skyline R33 GT-R V-Spec

• 07/1997 Nissan Skyline R33 V-Spec (Series 3)

• 63,000km genuine (39,375miles)

• No accident history

• Fully built RB29 by Auto select

• R34 GT-R 6 speed transmission

• 550-600PS Specification

• Paintwork: CRS KAD Gunmetal (Nismo CRS)

• HJA Stock code: HJA513

HJA are delighted to offer you this very specially prepared Series 3 R33 GT-R V-Spec built by Japanese GT-R Tuning legends Auto select.

We've said it before and we'll say it again: The Skyline GT-R is an outright amazing machine the car's potential is undeniable. Take this R33 Skyline GT-R V-Spec, built by Auto select to extract maximum performance for street and track driving utilizing one of their tried and tested setups.

Auto select, is a hardcore JDM racing shop based in Osaka Japan that lives for only one thing: "providing joy of driving on the track with their own roadgoing and road legal cars"

Sawa-San of Auto Select has always strived to create well-rounded machines, making his customers realize the importance of balance. “Outright power must always come after suspension and braking upgrades” It's a simple rule, but it makes perfect sense.

The recipe for domination starts with the engine. Auto select removed the stock RB26DETT block and replaced it with an N1 24U item. They then went onto install an array of strengthened parts, consisting of a 2.9L forged billet crankshaft, HKS 87mm forged pistons and H-section forged connecting rods. Not forgetting lubrication, Auto Select installed a HKS high flow oil pump which siphons from the Custom Auto select sump extension to address any oil starvation issues when cornering hard.

The Forged RB29 uses its increased displacement to push more power to spin the twin HKS GT-SS turbochargers, the turbos snails exit into a custom Auto Select down pipe and into a refreshingly stealthy Mines stainless steel exhaust system.

Breathing in through a pair of HKS High flow intakes, the HKS turbochargers blow into HKS intercooler piping and a HKS front-mount intercooler. The cooled air then makes its way up to the Nismo intake to be equally distributed into each cylinder. Sharing space in the nose with the twin Trust oil cooler kits, the HKS intercooler helps keep the intake charge temperature well under control.

Auto select also installed an R34 GT-R 6 speed, this coupled with the extra displacement and sensibly sized turbos makes for an electric driving experience. The usually “lazy at low rpm” RB26 characteristic has been completely transformed into a torque/response monster.

In order to repeatedly and consistently stop this massive missile, A.S installed a set of Brembo R35 GT-R front brake callipers and discs and Brembo 4 pot rears, these work a treat with the whole set up of the car.

The Ohlins DFV coilovers provide the perfect dampening settings, set up using hours of trackside research. Giving the R33 balance and control, these coilovers allow the heavyweight GT-R to dance like a flyweight and drive like a car half its size.

One would think with so much focus on performance other aspects of the car may have been overlooked, that’s certainly not the case with this R33. The Exterior has been treated to array of super rare Nismo aero parts and finished in Clubman CRS (KAD Gunmetal) paintwork which looks absolutely stunning.

The Skyline GT-R brand is now extremely sought after worldwide and arguably the hottest car currently in the burgeoning classic and performance car market.

Overall if you are after a cherished modified example to enjoy yourself, to be part of a collection or as an investment look no further.


24U N1 Block

Autoselect RB29 Stroker kit

Auto select spec Forged Billet crankshaft

Auto select spec Forged connecting rods

Auto select spec forged Pistons (HKS)

Auto select Sump extension

ATI Damper pulley

HKS Oil pump

HKS V-cam

Tomei exhaust cam/gear

HKS GT-SS Twin turbos

HKS Actuators

A.S Turbo elbows

Nismo intake plenum

Auto select downpipe

Trust/Grex oil filter relocation

Trust/Grex Twin oil cooler kit

HKS Intercooler

HKS intercooler piping

HKS intake piping

HKS maf delete kit

Oil catch tank

Alloy radiator

Carbon cooling panel

HKS oil filler cap

HKS auxiliary belts

Nismo low temperature thermostat


HKS fuel rail (Twin entry 1 return)

Sard fuel pressure regulator

Sard 800cc injectors

Twin in tank pumps


BNR34 R34 GT-R 6 Speed Conversion

Twin plate clutch

Solid gearbox mounts

Nismo Front and rear differentials

Diff breather


R35 GT-R Front brake kit

Brembo 4 pot rear brake kit

Ohlins DFV Coilvers (brand new)

Auto select billet brake master cylinder stopper

Ikeya formula arms front upper

Ikeya formula arms front lower

Nismo rear lower arms

Nismo rear anti roll bar

Auto select front strut brace

HICAS lockout bar

Auto select chassis bracing



HKS Vcam controller

HKS EVC 6 Boost controller with scramble boost button

HKS circuit attack meter

PLX wideband

Defi OLED link display

Defi link controller

ETS torque split controller


R33LM Carbon rear spoiler blade

Nismo 400R front bumper

Nismo 400R intercooler guide

Nismo front lip/undertray

N1 front bumper intakes

Carbon rear spoiler blade

Volk racing TE37s 18”


Auto select steering wheel

Nismo shift knob

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