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Nissan Skyline R32 GT-R V-Spec II

07/1994 Nissan Skyline R32 GT-R V-Spec II

• 78,000kms Genuine (approx. 48,750miles)

One Owner from New

• Original Nissan Prince service history including all manuals and spare key

V-Spec II #725/1306

577 V-Spec II’s made in Nissan 326 crystal white

SR Autobodies chassis refresh programme completed October 2021

• Eligible for import into the U.S


HJA are extremely delighted to offer you this rare 1 owner R32 GT-R V-SPEC II with Nissan service history from new.

The V-Spec II was the last V-Spec version of the R32 GTR Skyline to be produced, and being a limited edition model, is now particularly sought after among an increasing number of enthusiasts.

The V-Spec II was built by Nissan to celebrate the GTR's success in both Group N and Group A racing, the same reason the V-Spec I was built. Production of the V-Spec II commenced on 14 February 1994, with just over 1300 cars produced.

"The Skyline GT-R is the hottest model on the used car market right now without a shadow of a doubt, with record selling prices constantly being smashed for rare models such as this V-Spec II"

As this is such a collectible example, despite the car being structurally solid with no rust issues to begin with we still wanted to make it even more special. That in mind we treated it to a full chassis refresh programme carried out by world renown GT-R restorers SR Auto bodies. This not only looks absolutely stunning but guarantee’s the chassis will stay fully protected for the future. We have detailed library of pictures of every stage of the refresh. Steve at SR was stunned at the condition even before he started the refresh, Steve commented it still had many of factory parts he has never seen on any other R32 before.

Bodywork is immaculate and has to be seen to be appreciated with glowing paintwork and crisp lines, It literally looks like something out of Gran Turismo. It’s hard to believe this car was produced in 1994 as it almost looks like its rolled of the production line! All the panels are original and the car has 100% guaranteed no repair history which is exactly what you want with a collector/rare example.

Interior is outstanding, it retains the original factory steering wheel/gear knob/gaiters which is a real testament to how well the car has been maintained. The dash is bubble free, all the carpet and plastic trims around the whole car are in fantastic condition.

Sourcing limited edition examples like this is like finding a needle in a hay stack especially in this condition. Overall if you are after a cherished example to enjoy yourself, to be part of a collection or as a great investment look no further.

Nissan Service history:

793kms,3926km, 18236kms, 19933kms, 25902kms, 30758kms, 31362kms, 32100kms, 35300kms, 39945kms, 41107kms, 42804kms, 44148kms, 46179kms, 47207kms, 49557kms, 51147kms, 53497kms, 55394kms, 56958kms, 58571kms, 59974kms, 65878kms, 67205kms, 67838kms, 68392kms

SR Autobodies chassis refresh programme: Strip car entire underside of every component Engine drop with box complete All items media blasted and powder coated in oe colours satin black or silvers as factory. Subframes checked and measured for trueness Bushes replaced with white line sub mounts and superpro diff bushes, coated in two coats of satin black powder. Driveshaft fully stripped and powder coated with new hardware, factory colours retained (gtr green ends). All alloy items vapour blasted and sealed in Matt 2k clear coat to preserve All plastics restored and treated All looms stripped and checked Hardware zinc plated or plastics restored on plugs Pins cleaned All zinc plated hardware, plus more fully stripped and re-zinced in finish All ball joints, wheel bearing front and rear, track rods thro out replaced with new and major bushes replaced. All fluids changed and bled

Chassis prep: Full bare metal strip of all sealers and seam seal All seams prone to damage treated

Zinc base primer applied

Spray sealer applied and areas needing to stay unsealed left open to keep drain holes active

8l litres of master guard stone chip applied over 12hrs to build up impact areas

Final body colour applied underneath

Car rebuilt with heavy documentation upon request

Car test drive, after alignment to factory spec

Final nut and bolt check over with final clean

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