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Toyota Supra RZ

• 12/1994 Toyota Supra RZ (Factory TT 6Speed)

• Grade 4- No accident history

• 71,000kms Genuine (Approx 44k miles)

• 850 bhp

• Worldwide shipping service available

• U.S.A Import legal (25 years old)

• Stock Code: HJA527


HJA Brings you another EPIC Supra this time built by Material Auto factory in Japan. This has to be one of the best all round/road going Supra’s available anywhere in the world.

Lets begin with the Aero..

Developed in partnership with racing driver Max Orido and Varis, the Ridox aero kit for the JZA80 Supra dials up the track car aesthetic and transforms the MKIV Supra from Grand Tourer to Touring Car. Additional aero parts have also been added from Top secret and a customised Sard GT wing with additional vortex generators add to the aesthetic goodness.

As it sits now, the original 2JZGTE engine has been extensively reworked with an array of forged goodies and endless hours of R&D by Material Auto factory.

The top end was thoroughly massaged as well, sporting a ported and polished head, built valvetrain, HKS cams, and—the star of the show—a HKS GT111-5R Single Turbo.

A Syvecs 6 plus management was brought on board by SRD to fine tune the shopping list of upgrades and find those magical hp figures. At conservative boost and rev limit it produces an effortless 849bhp ATF on SRDs rolling road.

As you would expect from a from a high-end build like this it’s a turn key car. Starts and idles beautifully and running temps stay cool even during a spirited drive.


one word that springs to mind….Insane! Once the turbo comes into boost you enter into warp speed as you ferociously accelerate through every gear till you let off! The sound of the Engine/Turbo, exhaust and external wastegate is simply mind blowing- it’s quite an experience.

It’s not just super clean on top, underneath is also very impressive with no rust issues at all on the chassis which ruin so many of these legendary vehicles.

Sourcing properly built modified examples like this is really like finding a needle in a hay stack. It’s been a while since such a high JDM spec Supra has come up for sale, so if you are after a truly cherished example to enjoy yourself, to be part of a collection or as an investment look no further.


HKS 87mm Forged pistons (87mm)

TOMEI h cross section connecting rod

Cylinder head surface grinding / correction

HKS metal head gasket

HKS camshaft IN272

HKS camshaft EX272

HKS IN / EX slide cam pulley

HKS Timing belt

OS Giken R3C


HKS GT111-5R Single Turbo

HKS Stainless Exhaust Manifold

HKS Wastegate

Turbo blanket

Custom heat shield for brake/clutch servo


SARD 1200cc fuel injectors

HKS fuel delivery line

SARD fuel regulator

SARD large capacity fuel pump x2

EARLS stainless mesh fuel line

One-off fuel line


TRUST intercooler

HKS intercooler piping

HKS oil cooler

TRUST radiator upper line

KOYORAD Aluminium 2-layer radiator

Carbon rad slam panel

Intake & exhaust

Greddy intake manifold

HKS Super Power Flow Air Cleaner

One-off suction pipe

One-off front pipe

APEX full stainless muffler


HKS Hypermax harmonic drive

CUSCO front tower bar


Fr 18 10J +22 265

Rr 18 10.5J +15 275

Front big calliper from Lexus LS


Syvecs 6 Plus Ecu

Syvecs Toucan display

TRD 320km speedometer (verified meter change)

Deffi additional meter

・ Coolant temperature gauge

・ Oil temperature gauge

・ Oil pressure gauge

・ Exhaust gas temperature gauge

・ Fuel pressure gauge


Late model genuine headlight

RIDOX front aero bumper

RIDOX front fender

RIDOX front carbon diffuser

RIDOX carbon canard

RIDOX side step

RIDOX rear fender


TOPSECRET Rear under diffuser

Demon halo rear lights


MOMO Steering wheel

Recaro recling seats

Sabelt race harnesses

Works bell snap off boss

JBL door spealkers

Custom boot setup with Rockford Fosgate Subs/Amp

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