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Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution 9 GSR

• 03/2005 Mitsubishi Evolution 9 GSR • 91,063 kms Genuine (56,875 miles)

• Accident free/VX report clear

• Cruise Demo car street legal/track car

• 500ps spec

• Stock code: HJA535


HJA are extremely delighted to offer you this very specially prepared Mitsubishi Evolution 9 GSR built by Japanese Tuning legends Cruise.

Cruise is a hardcore JDM racing shop based in Sapporo Japan which specialises in producing various performance and aero modifications for a range of JDM models. This particular Evo 9 is one of their latest creations. Its had a fortune spent upgrading every aspect transforming it into what we think is one of the best all round Evos out there.

Cruise started work with the motor, stripping it down to install an array of strengthened parts to produce a reliable 500ps. Outright power was not the focus of this build rather a balance of all components with careful attention being paid to various aspects of the engine such as cylinder head flow.

The Garret GTX3076R GEN2 turbo snail exits into a GP Sports stainless elbow through a Auto Boss down pipe and into a refreshingly stealthy Tomei titanium exhaust.

Breathing in through a custom Cruise polished intake pipe (superbly fabricated!) the Garret turbocharger blows into Greddy intercooler piping and into a HKS front-mount intercooler.

Sharing space in the nose with the twin Trust oil cooler kits, the HKS intercooler helps keep the intake charge temperature well under control.

Cruise also installed an Evo VIII MR RS 5 speed mission (Final Gear 4.111) & Cusco Type RS PRO Adjust LSD 1.5way (Front and Rear) which help the tyres claw equally into the Tarmac allowing for some pretty insane cornering speeds.

In order to repeatedly and consistently stop this missile with minimal brake fade, Cruise installed a set of Endless 6 pot Monoblock front & rear brake callipers which once properly warmed up offer unreal braking performance.

The custom Cruise coilovers provide the perfect dampening settings, set up using hours of trackside research. Giving the Evo balance and control, these coilovers coupled with the array of adjustable arms allow the Evo to dance around like a flyweight and drive like a car half its size.

One would think with so much focus on performance/suspension other aspects of the car such as aero may have been overlooked, that’s certainly not the case with this Evo.

The Varis time attack aero package Designed for serious track use, this is a dedicated raceday aero set up for time attack.

This serious-business track day aero offers features like a full underbody front/side diffusers and a variety of aero devices to get every millisecond out of the CT9A Evo platform.

Race proven design developed by Varis for dedicated time attack competition. High quality construction designed to increase downforce, reduce drag at high speed & increased cooling through air and oil cooler guides.

Don’t get confused, as crazy as the car looks its still fully street functional and actually drives quite civil around town. The car doesn’t bottom out or rub on lock which is quite surprising for a car of this nature, its a real credit to Cruise for building such a well rounded car.

Overall if you are after a cherished modified example with some serious provenance look no further.


20,000 km after engine semi-overhaul Tomei h Cross section forged connecting rods Tomei head Stud bolts Cruise Cylinder head ports polished Cruise WPC treated crank and rod bearings Cruise Valve Face polishing Trust Timing belt Tomei Poncam type R Garrett GTX3076R GEN2

CRUISE One Off Dynamite Suction K & N Air Cleaner

Drive system Evo VIII MR RS mission (Final Gear 4.111) Exedy Competition R (Metal Twin plate) Cusco Type RS PRO Adjust LSD 1.5way (Front and Rear) Exhaust system

Altrac equal length Ekimani GP sports outlet pipe Auto produce BOSS φ80 Front pipe Tomei Express titanium muffler Ignition system NGK R7438 No. 8 Cooling system TRUST GReddy Twin oil cooler HKS type R Intercooler DRL Radiator Fuel system SARD 265L Fuel pump SARD Collector tank (Pro liner specification) AUTO STAFF Fuel regulator SARD Fuel delivery pipe injector dynamics 1050cc Injector Suspension CRUISE Original spec coilovers (Front 18k Rear 18k Spring) Endless 6 pot monoblock brakes front and rear Endless Front and Rear Brake Pad W003H Cusco Reinforced Stabilizer (Front and Rear ) Auto Staff High Caster Pillowball Colt Speed ​​Tie Rod End Colt Speed ​​Roll Center Adjuster Nagisa Auto Rear Arm Kit Electrical system HKS EVC6 LINK G4 +

Link external 4 bar map sensor Defi Advance CR Boost Gauge Defi Advance CR Oil Temperature Gauge Defi Advance CR Water Temperature Gauge Defi Advance CR Oil Gauge Defi Advance CR Exhaust Gas Temperature Gauge Exterior Parts VARIS TIME ATTACK ver. Full Aero HKS Kansai Service Carbon Bonnet


Bridgestone Potenza tyres all round (295/30/18s)

Other info No Air Conditioner

Comes with rear parcel, rear seat belts, speakers

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