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Honda Integra DC2 Type R

03/1998 DC2 Honda Integra Type-R

67,662kms Genuine (approx. 42,275 miles)

One owner from New

Full Honda Saitama service history from new

Japanese auction grade 4-B

No accident history

• Fresh Import No U.K owners

HJA Stock code: HJA539

Available for export to the USA as 25 years old


HJA proudly presents an iconic sports car of the 90s, the DC2 Honda Integra Type R. This specific unit is notable for having a single owner and a comprehensive service history exclusively from Honda since its initial purchase.


The car boasts excellent overall condition, with the chassis in particular standing out a feature that connoisseurs of these vehicles know is especially challenging to find in such pristine shape.


The Integra, which debuted as the inaugural Honda to bear the coveted Type-R emblem, immediately captivated driving enthusiasts and continues to be celebrated as one of the finest front-wheel-drive vehicles ever produced.

Occasionally, a car emerges that sets a new benchmark in the automotive industry, and the Honda Integra Type R (DC2) is a prime example. Lauded for its exceptional engineering, the car remains a celebrated icon years after its introduction, often outshining newer models with its driving dynamics. Back in 2006, it was acclaimed as the finest front-wheel drive performance car of its time by Evo Magazine.


Other information:

OHLINS Vehicle height adjustment


Inspection and maintenance records:

1998 March 1,517km (Honda Saitama prefecture Japan)

1998 September 4,223km (Honda Saitama prefecture Japan)

1999 February 5,787km (Honda Saitama prefecture Japan)

2001 March 15,152km (Honda Saitama prefecture Japan)

2003 February 24,460km (Honda Saitama prefecture Japan)

2005 February 32,421km (Honda Saitama prefecture Japan)

2007 March 40,317km (Honda Saitama prefecture Japan)

2009 February 46,070km (Honda Saitama prefecture Japan)

2011 February 53,624km (Honda Saitama prefecture Japan)

2013 March 59,125km (Honda Saitama prefecture Japan)

2015 February 61,344km (Honda Saitama prefecture Japan)

2017 February 63,178km (Honda Saitama prefecture Japan)

2019 February 65,459km (Honda Saitama prefecture Japan)

2022 November Imported by us and serviced at 67,662kms and has been in storage with us ever since.

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