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Nissan Skyline R33 GT-R

01/1996 Nissan Skyline R33 GT-R (Series 2)

U.S.A Import legal (25 years old)

Midnight Purple (LP2)

No accident history VX report clear


JUN Auto Engine overhaul at 142,000kms

550ps spec


HJA bring you another lovely example of a tuned R33 GT-R just in from Japan. This particular example has been overhauled by JUN Auto and runs circa 550ps.

Very clean non accident bodywork, the midnight purple paintwork has a stunning depth and really needs to been seen in the flesh. The Volk racing TE37 alloys are just timeless and suit the car down to a Tee.

Its also been equipped with Xenon headlights, for those in the know will understand how much these upgrades alone cost.

For a high powered RB it starts, idles and drives very smooth, high boost is set to 1.4 bar and should only be driven on the road by those brave enough! Make sure you have an empty road before you put your foot down, acceleration is relentless. The sound of the External wastegate and exhaust is just Immense and it loves to throw a naughty flame or two!

We have serviced the car using only Top branded racing products such as Fuchs Pro R 15w50 race oil and HKS oil filter, we also compression checked the engine which shows a healthy 165-170psi across all cylinders. Oil pressure is always strong thanks to the Renik oil pump, running temperatures stay well within limits courtesy of the HPI oil cooler and ARD Radiator. The chassis feels firm yet still perfect for road use, puts the power down very well. There are no knocks or rattles from the suspension and the car is easy to control and the brakes are sharp.

The chassis is also in good condition with no rust issues that plagues so many of these legendary cars. Overall a super cool R33 GT-R which not only has hardcore Japanese wangan street racer styling but also has the performance to back it up! The GT-R Brand is now extremely sought after worldwide, and is considered the next big thing in the burgeoning classic and performance car market. Good Examples like these have become scarce in Japan now which has really driven the prices up not only in Japan but worldwide.

Sourcing examples like this is like finding a needle in a hay stack. Overall if you are after a cherished modified example to enjoy yourself, to be part of a collection or as an investment look no further.


Engine overhaul at 142,000kms (30/09/2014)


N1 water pump

Jun Auto mechanic headwork

- Valve seat cutting & adjust stem height

- Valve guide change & reaming

- Valve rub & cleaning

- Cylinder head resurfacing

- Grind valve

- Port and polish

Tomie Metal head gasket 1.2mm

Valve guides

Trust valve springs

Piston balancing

Crank balancing

Turbo: Trust TD06 SH-25G EX 16CM (0.85bar – 1.4bar)

Blitz Manifold

Turbo smart wastegate

Trust camshafts IN/EX 264/264 9.1mm lift

JUN cam pulleys

Trust timing belt

Nismo afms

HKS power intakes

Auto staff Titanium exhaust

ARC Aluminium radiator

HKS 3 layer intercooler

HPI oil cooler

Nismo copper mix twin plate clutch


Nismo fuel pump

Nismo 600cc injectors

Nismo fuel pressure regulator


Chipped cpu with apexi AFC

Blitz boost controller

Defi (oil temp/pressure/water temp/boost)


Volk racing TE37 18” alloy wheels (10.5J +15)

R34 GTR brakes front and rear

Front rotors 355mm and rears 350mm

Ikeya formula tension Rods

Ikeya formula front upper arms

Rear lower arms

Rear Camber Arms

Rear Upper Arms

Ohlin coilovers

Front anti roll car bushes

Extended hub on the bottom drops ball joint lower

Rear subframes painted

Nismo subframe bushes

Nismo engine mounts

Hicas lockout kit


Xenon headlights

Brind drivers seat

A/M shift knob

Nardi steering wheel

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