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£65,000 (GBP)

Nissan Skyline R32 GT-R

• 10/1994 Nissan Skyline R32 GT-R

• HKS 2.8 Step II, HKS V-cam, HKS T04Z plus HKS 6 speed Dogbox!

• Built by TM Works Japan

• 692ps dyno’d at TM works Japan

• 169,000kms total and modified 9,000kms ago.

• Stock Code: HJA544


At HJA, we currently have a well-spec'd R32 GT-R on offer, equipped with an extensive selection of high-quality aftermarket parts from renowned brands.

TM Works gained prominence in Ishikawa Prefecture during the second generation GT-R era. As their focus shifted to the R35 GT-R, they joined the RH9 alliance of leading tuners, broadening the scope of their activities.


This enhanced RB engine mitigates its traditional shortcomings through the replacement of the factory internals with HKS components. Upgrades including the HKS 2.8L Step II stroker kit, paired with a HKS T04Z single turbo, and augmented by the HKS V-Cam system for improved turbo spool-up time create an incredibly potent mix producing 692ps.


The build addresses all aspects, including oil lubrication, cooling, fuelling, and intake/exhaust, resulting in a versatile package that can perform on the limit and also cruise the streets.


The vehicle has recently undergone a chassis restoration and complete window repaint performed by DPM Autobody. If you're seeking a well tuned R32 GT-R that delivers both usability and enjoyment, your search ends here.


HKS 2.8L kit Step 2

HKS Forged piston kit (nickel plated & piston surface has a final molybdenum coating)

HKS Fully forged & balanced counter crankshaft

HKS H-cross section connecting rods

HKS Oil pump


Trust/Greddy intake manifold

Trust/Greddy throttle body

Cylinder Head processing

ATI Damper

Upgraded clutch booster

RH9 alternator


HKS TO4Z Single Turbo

HKS Manifold

HKS External wastegate

HKS screamer pipe

TOMEI Titanium muffler

RH9 Front pipe


HKS Intercooler

TRUST oil cooler

BLITZ radiator


SARD 900cc Injectors

Greddy fuel rail

SARD fuel pressure regulator


HKS Dog-mission 6 speed

ATS Triple clutch


HKS F-CON V-pro 3.4 (later version)

HKS A/F gauge

BLITZ additional meter



17” TE37SL Aluminium wheels

HKS Coil overs

High Capacity Actively Controlled Suspension

CUSCO Upper arm

Traction Rod


33 GTR BREMBO brakes


RECARO front seats

Roll cage



N1 front bumper vents

CRUIZE LED headlight kit

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