NISMO Group N R33 GT-R V-Spec N1

HJA are delighted to offer you a piece of N1 GT-R Super Taikyu Racing History, The FK Massimo Falken R33 GT-R.

Currently available from our HJA Japanese inventory and can be shipped directly from Japan worldwide.

This was one of the first R33s built by NISMO under Group N/N1 Spec in Japan for the Super Taikyu Championship.

In the N1 Class it achieved 1st Place at the 1996 Nicos Cup Tokahchi 24 hour Race and also 1st place at the 1997 Fuji Speedway Super Taikyu 6 hour race with many videos documenting the races/victories. It also comes with the original 1st place Trophies that were awarded to the team.

This R33 as every GT-R from N1/Super Taikyu was prepared, maintained by NISMO (though they weren’t entered under the factory banner due to regulations) and with huge support coming from Shift point.

What makes this GT-R even more special is that an R33 N1 base car was used for the build which makes it only 1 of 22 Series two V-Spec N1 GT-R’s in the world.

It comes in its original 97” race spec, Engine/drivetrain/suspension/Interior and Exterior is as it was when it was racing in Super Taikyu. The only thing that has been changed is the Nismo ECU which was loaned to all the N1 GT-R teams and had to be returned once the cars had retired.

In 1997 teams were allowed to alter the aero of the cars but the car also comes with the original 1996 version 1 full aero/wheel package and also other spares inc Gearbox/driveshafts/Radiator etc.

FK Massimo team which was also seen in the JGTC sponsoring first a Mazda RX-7 and then went to sponsor/support the notorious Team CERUMO and their Supra GT.