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£129,995 (GBP)

FK Massimo Falken Group N R33 GT-R V-SPEC N1

FK Massimo Falken Group N Super Taikyu Nissan Skyline R33 GT-R V-Spec N1

HJA is thrilled to present the FK Massimo Falken Group N R33 GT-R V-SPEC N1 Super Taikyu, a remarkable piece of GT-R racing history. This car is a superb representation of Nissan's legendary engineering and racing legacy, built to compete in the hugely popular Japanese Super Taikyu series.

This is believed to be the only authentic Group N Super Taikyu R33 GT-R Racecar that is currently available for sale. The car is in mostly still in original condition, having been dry stored since last campaigned in 1997.

The Group N/Super Taikyu R33 GT-R’s were prepared and maintained by NISMO, with Shift Point providing significant support. Despite not being entered under the factory banner due to regulations, the cars were built to high standards and received top-quality care.

The racing R33 GT-R was based on the production street-legal BCNR33 N1 version, but, of course, there were differences. N1 regulations allowed air intake, exhaust, fuel system, boost pressure, camshafts, fuel and ignition maps, suspension and brake modifications. Engine internals, turbos and intercooler had to remain stock.

The R33 N1 trunk looked very much like the trunk of the Group A R32, and had within it external fuel pumps and a surge tank to avoid interruption of the fuel supply during high G-load.

All N1 cars had a low restriction exhaust; and some used a dual-exhaust system from the turbos to the tips (As on this FK Massimo GT-R). To combat heat, oil coolers for the engine, transmission and drivetrain components were installed on all cars.

On average, the N1 R33 had a 450ps engine and weighed 1389kg. The cockpit was stripped; power locks and power windows were removed. The roll cage from the racing R33 provided safety, and increased the rigidity of the chassis. Suspension components were upgraded: springs, shock absorbers bushings, anti-roll bars and links.

The first race of the 1995 racing season was disappointing - all six R33s had mechanical problems and the R32 won the race. However, from the next race onwards the R33s were absolutely dominant, and won all but one of the races in the 95, '96, '97 and '98 N1 racing seasons (a total of 27 wins until they were replaced by the R34 GT-R)

Starting from the 1997 N1 racing season, aerodynamic parts were permitted. The immediate reaction of most teams was to fit a large high rear wing. To maintain the aerodynamic balance, all teams installed low front air dams and splitters, Alternative brake parts were also allowed later.

In the Super N1 Taikyu Championship in 1996 and 1997. The Prince Chiba GT-R Falken (drivers Hisashil Yokoshima/Hironori Takeuchi) was dominant this year and won the Championship title. Second was the FK Massimo Falken GT-R (drivers Takayuki Kinoshita/Tetsuya Kawasaki), and third was the Endless Advan GT-R (Mitsuhiro Kinoshita/Yasushi Kikuchi).

Some notable achievements:

• 1st place: Super Taikyu Nicos Cup Tokahchi 24 hour Race N1-Class Winner (27~28.07.1996)

• 3rd place: Super Taikyu Sugo Super N1 Endurance 500km race N1-Class (24.08.1997)

• 1st place at the 1997 Fuji Speedway Super Taikyu 6 hour super Endurance race N1-Class (23.11.1997)

There are many videos documenting the races/victories (Available on our website & YouTube). It also comes with the original Trophies that were awarded to the FK Massimo team.

What makes this GT-R even more special is that an R33 V-Spec N1 base car was used for the build which makes it only 1 of 22 Series two V-Spec N1 GT-R’s in the world.

It comes in its original 1997 Phase 2 race spec, Engine/drivetrain/suspension/Interior and Exterior is as it was when it was racing in the Super Taikyu series. The N1 GT-R teams were loaned a Nismo programmed ecu which had to be returned once the cars had retired. The only other modification made was to the fuel system, which had deteriorated and was no longer serviceable.

In 1997 teams were allowed to alter the aero of the cars but it also comes with the original 1996 version 1 full aero/wheel package and also other spares inc Gearbox/multiple driveshafts/Radiator.

It has undergone a recent service by a reputable GT car race shop in Japan before being shipped to us. All fluids have been changed, and a new fuel cell, fuel pumps, filters, fuel lines, and injectors cleaned have been fitted, with a flow check and specification sheet included.

The original engine has proven to remain in excellent condition, running smoothly and without any smoking issues, a real testament to the quality of Nissan/Nismo's engineering.

The chance to own a Nissan Skyline GT-R with a rich motorsport history is rare and presents a valuable investment opportunity. These vehicles are seldom available for sale, making this offering a unique addition to any collector's portfolio.

[Service done before leaving Japan end of 2022]

• New Replacement fuel cell (Fuel safe)

• New battery

• New Bosh fuel pumps (044 & 979)

• New Fuel filter

• New fittings & fuel hose

• Engine oil 10w-60

• Trans oil 75w-90

• Front Diff 85W-140

• Rear diff 85W-140

• Brake fluid and clutch fluid change

• Coolant clean and exchange

• Starter motor exchanged

• Alternator rebuilt plus new belt

• Power steering pump overhaul plus new belt

• Injectors removed cleaned and flow checked

• Please note Prior to engaging in any significant racing activities, it is crucial to conduct a complete examination of the vehicle, including mapping to your fuel.

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