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£59,995 (GBP)

Nissan Skyline R33 GT-R Series 3

• 03/1998 Nissan Skyline R33 GT-R Series 3

• 107,000km Genuine (Approx. 66,875 miles)

• No accident history

• Comes with Japanese service history

• U.S Import legal

• Stock Code: HJA565

• No U.K owners

• A comprehensive service has been recently carried out by Redline Tuning


HJA proudly presents this exquisite Series III R33 GT-R imported from Japan. Emphasizing the rarity, securing such high-quality specimens is a challenging endeavour. Our dedicated team in Japan tirelessly scours for top-tier GTRs, meticulously evaluating dozens each week. Only a select few that meet the exacting standards of HJA make it into our inventory.


Inspecting the car reveals its exceptional care, evident in the pristine condition. It features all-original panels with no recorded accidents in its history. The paintwork maintains a stunning gloss and is virtually unmarked, a rarity in finding such beautifully preserved examples in today's automotive market.


As a Series 3 model, it showcases the blue seats with red inserts, which, considering the vehicle's age, remains in excellent condition. It incorporates several Nismo enhancements, including the shift knob cluster and Triple meters, along with a few additional controllers, while predominantly maintaining its factory condition.


The thoughtfully applied modifications to the renowned RB26 engine result in a lively performance across the entire rev range. The gearbox operates smoothly and seamlessly, devoid of any crunching. The handling strikes a balance between comfort and precision, providing a comfortable ride yet offering sufficient stiffness for aggressive cornering, courtesy of the Tein adjustable coilovers.


The chassis remains in its original factory state, devoid of any rust problems that often necessitate extensive and costly restoration efforts, running into tens of thousands of pounds.

Recently, it underwent a thorough service by Redline Tuning, and we have provided a more detailed description of the service below.

The GT-R brand has become highly coveted globally, emerging as the next significant trend in the growing classic and performance car market. If you're seeking a well-preserved, lightly modified specimen for personal enjoyment, inclusion in a collection, or as an investment, your search ends here.

Redline Tuning major service May 2023:

Penrite 15w60 engine oil

Parts HKS oil filter


Nissan timing belt tensioner

Nissan timing belt tensioner spring

Nissan idler

Nissan water pump


Nissan rocker cover gaskets

Parts Nissan half moon seals

Parts Nissan CAS gasket seal

Xtreme performance heavy duty organic clutch

Penrite Pro 75w90 gear oil


REIMAX muffler

SARD catalyzer

Aftermarket oil cooler

Aftermarket front pipe

Trust intercooler piping

ARC cooling panel


NISMO 320km/h meters

NISMO triple gauge

NISMO Shift knob

Defi gauge

Defi link controller

BLITZ Boost controller

TEIN Vehicle height adjustment (Electronic damping force controller)


Nismo LMGT4 18” alloy wheels

N1 front bumper ducts

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