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● 1991 Group A (All Japan Touring Car Race) Full participation vehicle

● N1 specification normal engine replacement

● Original brake water cooling system

● New car sales Price (1990) 55 million yen

■ The secret of speed is the original water cooling system

This vehicle will be an individual who actually participated in Group A (All Japan Touring Car Race) in 1991. It is also famous that Kenji Takahashi, who was the development test driver of the BNR32 GT-R, and Keiichi Tsuchiya, the "drift king", took the steering wheel in the race.

At that time, Group A had a BNR32 GTR that was too fast, and the participating cars were virtually one-make races only for the GTR.

Under such circumstances, the reason why this Taisan was able to play an active role is its unique water cooling system. ■ Taking advantage of the failure of the opening race , the same air-cooling system as the other teams was used for the brakes in the opening race, but in front of the overwhelming power squeezed by the GT-R, Taisan suffered from retirement. Therefore, the team representative, Chiba, tried to reverse the situation by diverting the technology of Tai Sangyo Kogyo, which mainly manufactures pumps, to the race. It was equipped with a 20-liter water tank and was cooled by spraying water directly on the brake rotor. This has a tremendous effect, leaving a good result of 2nd place in the 2nd round Suzuka and 2nd place in the following 3rd round Tsukuba. Of course, this water cooling system is still installed as it is, and you can see the water supply port for injecting water behind the driver's seat.

■ The GT-R emblem Engine that does not fade even now has been replaced with the normal (N1 specification), but most of the parts such as the suspension have maintained the Group A specifications at that time. The magnesium centerlock wheel "VOLK RACING SUPER FINE", which was the one at that time, is also attached to the feet, and scars reminiscent of having fought through many fierce battles remain on the surface.

The 32 GT-R, which built an era and became the icon of Team Taisan. Only this individual, which fully participated in Group A in 1991, and the individual used from 1992 to 1993, which are exhibited in the Nissan Heritage Collection, are extant.

HJA team in Japan collecting this legendary BNR32

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