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£69,995 (GBP)

Nissan Skyline R33 GT-R

• 04/1995 Nissan Skyline R33 GT-R

• 70,500km (Approx 44k Miles)

• U.S Import legal

• U.S clients: We can arrange shipping/clearance and delivery to your door.

• No accident history & VX report clear

• Built and Tuned by Auto Select Japan with build pics and invoices

• 605bhp @ 1.4 bar Pump fuel with dyno sheet

• HJA Stock code: HJA580


HJA are delighted to offer you this very specially prepared R33 GT-R built by Japanese GT-R Tuning legends Auto select Japan.

We've said it before and we'll say it again: The Skyline GT-R is an outright amazing machine & the car's potential is undeniable. Take this R33 Skyline GT-R- built by Auto select to extract maximum performance for street and track driving utilizing one of their tried and tested setups.

Auto select is a hardcore JDM racing shop based in Osaka Japan. Sawa-San of Auto Select has always strived to create well-rounded machines, making his customers realize the importance of balance. “Outright power must always come after suspension and braking upgrades” It's a simple rule, but it makes perfect sense.

The recipe for domination began with the motor. The stock internals were ditched for a full HKS 2.8 litre step 2 Stroker kit.

Consisting of, a full counterweight crankshaft, Forged nickel plated pistons and forged H Beam connecting rods. Not forgetting lubrication, Auto Select installed a Tomei high flow oil pump to address any oil starvation issues when accelerating or cornering hard.

Breathing in through a pair of HKS High flow intakes, the new style HKS GTIII turbochargers blow into HKS intercooler piping and a HKS front-mount intercooler. The cooled air then makes its way up to the intake to be equally distributed into each cylinder.

Sharing space in the nose with the Intercooler, Auto select also installed a HKS oil cooler kit which helps keep running oil temps under check, whilst a Koyo rad takes care of water temps.

Auto select also installed an OS Giken 1-3 kit in the gearbox for extra reliability. This coupled with the extra displacement and sensibly sized turbos makes for an electric driving experience.

The usually “lazy at low rpm” RB26 characteristic have been completely transformed into a torque/response monster.

In order to repeatedly and consistently stop this missile, Auto Select installed their own custom Brake master cylinder pumping a set of Brembo R35 GT-R Front & Rear brake callipers along with floating rotors, these really do work a treat with the whole set up of the car.

Onto suspension; the Nismo S tune shocks provide the perfect dampening settings for fast road driving without sacrificing driveability.

The iconic RB28 engine pulls ferociously throughout the rev range without any hesitation. You can really feel the punch from the increased displacement and HKS turbo’s.

It produces low down grunt but continuously pulls throughout the rev range thanks to the specially profiled camshafts allowing the engine to breathe/rev more freely top end. On a recent dyno test the car pulled an effortless 605bhp at only 1.4bar of boost.

Low boost is more than enough for the road but if you want to hit warp speed at the flick of the high boost button this astonishing machine will leave pinned back to your seat grinning from ear to ear!

Clutch and gearbox are very easy to use for road use, gearbox is smooth and fluent without any crunches.

The Skyline GT-R brand is now extremely sought after worldwide and arguably the hottest car currently in the burgeoning classic and performance car market.

In summary if you are after a modified Skyline built by one of the GT-R Tuning legends out in Japan then look no further.


• Engine built 10,000kms ago by Auto Select

• Block processing (de burred/stress relieved)

• HKS 2.8 step II Stroker kit:

• HKS Forged piston kit (nickel plated & piston surface has a final molybdenum coating)

• HKS Fully forged & balanced counter crankshaft

• HKS H-cross section connecting rods

• Tomei high capacity Oil pump

• Cylinder head ported and polished

• Cylinder head combustion chamber processing

• High lift camshafts

• Tomei head gasket kit

• HKS Reinforced Valve Springs

• HKS GTIII Twin turbos

• HKS actuators

• HKS Special Piping kit


• HKS fuel rail (Twin entry/extra line)

• SARD Fuel pressure regulator

• SARD 650cc Injectors

• Nismo in tank pumps


• HKS Oil Cooler Kit

• HKS intercooler

• Koyo aluminium radiator


• Xtreme ceramic twin plate clutch (Brand New)

• OS Giken 1-3 kit cross mission (5 speed)


• HKS F-CONV PRO harness & pressure sensor included



• Auto Select brake master cylinder

• NISMO Kit S Tune

• TE37 10.5J 18 inch +15 (Were white now painted black)

• R35 GTR front brakes and discs

• R35 GTR rear brakes and discs


• Defi gauges (Oil & Water temp/Boost pressure)

• Defi gauge pod

• PLX wideband


• Just had a Full service on Import

• BlackVue Dash Camera 4K

• Clifford 730XJ Security System

• DEI 507M Digital tilt sensor

• Trunk lock modification for security

• Pioneer AVH-3300NEX 7 inch touch screen stereo

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