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Nissan Skyline R34 GT-R Series 1

• 01/1999 Nissan Skyline R34 GT-R

• Modifications inc Nismo meter change done 8,680KMS ago (Total kms Approx 155,600)

• No Accident history

• 600-650bhp+ spec

• Free storage till U.S Legal (Can be shipped to U.S January 2024)

• Stock Code: HJA584

• Worldwide shipping and storage services available


HJA presents a newly imported R34 GTR with a superb selection of high-quality aftermarket components. This vehicle boasts an impressive range of branded parts that massively enhances its performance and aesthetic appeal.


The N1 24U Nur engine has been upgraded with multiple forged parts to further improve the already renowned RB26 engine. An Umeda/Tomei Oil Pump has been installed to prevent any oiling problems and maintain consistent oil pressure even in extreme conditions.

The HKS V-Cam system operates by continuously varying the intake valve lift and timing. This gives the engine more efficiency at low and medium speeds, and more power at high rpm.

 The Trust T78 Single Turbo is known for its large capacity and crank horsepower potential. However, it also traditionally suffers from turbo lag due to its size. This is where the V-Cam system comes in. It essentially helps the turbo spool up at a quicker rate and maintain its power delivery across the rev range.

The fuel and cooling systems are fully upgraded, assuring that no matter how hard or how long you push the car, it will neither run out of juice nor overheat. The Sard radiator and Greddy oil cooler keep the engine running cool even under intense driving sessions.


The large swirl pot in the trunk plays a vital role in providing a steady supply of fuel. This is very helpful while tackling corners or during high G-force acceleration where a normal fuel tank might suffer from fuel starvation due to fuel sloshing. Hence, the swirl pot prevents any such misfortunes and ensures unrelenting, reliable performance.


These modifications make the car suitable for not just regular driving but also for track days or spirited drives. You can push the limits without the worry of any performance drop or mechanical failures.


Brembo callipers excel in providing high-performance brake systems with superior stopping power. Featuring six pistons front and four pistons rear, combined with a broad pad area, these callipers ensure consistent and reliable deceleration for extended periods, which is critical in challenging conditions.


The HKS coilovers, a highly-regarded name in the industry, ensure the ideal balance between comfort and sportiness. Their damping system effortlessly absorbs harsh road imperfections, lending the GT-R a surprisingly comfortable ride quality. These coilovers also up the ante on handling capabilities by reducing body roll through aggressive cornering manoeuvres.


Enhancing the setup is a collection of aftermarket suspension parts that offer the user full control in fine-tuning the R34's geometry to their liking, thereby optimising handling characteristics and improving car responsiveness.


The car's exterior has been upgraded with various aftermarket parts, creating an aggressive and poised appearance. The addition of a genuine V-spec carbon rear diffuser adds to its beefy look. The paintwork is practically flawless, with no noticeable imperfections.


The interior of the car is mostly stock but features a HKS boost controller and a discreet panel in the glovebox with extra gadgets. There are a few scuffs and a mark on the driver's seat, but overall the interior is in decent condition.


This is the perfect option for those who want a high-spec R34 GTR that is designed to be driven. The car comes with excellent features and is perfect for performance lovers who want to get the most out of their vehicle. Overall, this is an excellent choice that won't disappoint.



BNR34 GT-R VSII Nur base engine (24U Block)

Forged pistons

Forged conrods

Umeda/Tomei Oil pump

Trust/Greddy T78-33D Single Turbo conversion

Trust/Greddy stainless exhaust manifold

Trust/Greddy downpipe

Trust/Greddy external wastegate


Greddy air cleaner 

Greddy Suction pipe 

Greddy Plenum

HKS muffler

Aftermarket catalyser

Oil catch tank



800cc SARD injectors

SARD fuel pressure regulator 

SARD Swirl pot with X2 internal pumps

Nismo lifter pump in main tank



Greedy Intercooler 

Greddy oil cooler kit

SARD racing radiator

SARD air separator tank

Carbon cooling panel



HKS Fcon v-pro ecu

HKS Vcam controller

HKS EVC boost controller

ETS 4wd torque split controller

Apexi fuel pressure gauge




Brembo 6 pot front brake kit with 2 piece rotors

Brembo 4 pot front brake kit with 2 piece rotors

Volk racing Te37s

HKS Hypermax coilovers

Aftermarket Adjustable front tension rods

Aftermarket front and rear lower arms

Aftermarket front and rear upper arms

Aftermarket rear camber arms



Genuine V-spec Carbon rear diffuser

Z Tune  style Carbon bonnet 

Ganador Carbon effect wing mirrors

Genuine Nismo side skirts and rear spats (Installed by us)

New genuine Nissan Front diffuser (Installed by us)

Nismo 320km/h meters



Full inspection including dyno run/printout will be provided by Redline Tuning prior to collection/delivery.

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