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R34 NISMO Clubman Race Spec

Europe's first official NISMO Clubman Race Spec (CRS) R34 GT-R M-SPEC has arrived, and HJA is thrilled to unveil it. HJA is proud to be the first dealer in Europe to offer this remarkable vehicle, which is set to become a popular choice among car collectors worldwide.

Owning the Nismo-produced car is a super rare privilege as only twelve of these cars have been manufactured to date. This makes it an exclusive and highly coveted vehicle to own and an even more appealing one for car enthusiasts seeking rarity and distinction. With limited availability, the Nismo CRS commands a prestige status among car collectors and enthusiasts alike.


Majority of all the CRS builds utilized the Nismo R4 engine package. The engine installed in our CRS is the NISMO 2.8L F Sport R, a rare and exclusive engine that has been limited to only 6 units by NISMO. It is considered to be the ultimate Nismo engine currently available and boasts impressive performance capabilities.


Nismo has meticulously documented every aspect of this outstanding build with a collection of over 20 pages of detailed invoices. These invoices chronicle each and every nut, bolt, and component used in the construction of this remarkable vehicle, providing a comprehensive overview of the entire process.


Explore over 100 breathtaking pictures of this truly astonishing vehicle. Get an up-close look at every angle of the car and immerse yourself in the intricate design and flawless craftsmanship.

**More details to be added**

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