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£680,000 (GBP)

Nissan Skyline R34 GT-R V-SPEC II Nismo S-Tune

• 10/2001 Nissan Skyline R34 GT-R V-SPEC II Nismo S-Tune

• This is #02 of only 14 official numbered Nismo S-Tunes

• 13,800 kms Genuine from New! (Approx. 8,625k miles)

• Japanese auction Grade 4.5A!

• No accident history

• Full documented Japanese Nissan/Nismo Service History

• Nissan service books/manuals and spare key present

• TV2 Bayside Blue (Original factory paint)

• Stock code: HJA597

• Worldwide Storage/shipping service available


HJA is thrilled to announce the arrival of an exceptionally rare R34 GT-R VSII Nismo S-Tune. With only 14 known to have been produced by Nismo this makes the S-Tune the rarest official numbered car ever released by the company.

This car is in impeccable condition, with the original paint and remarkably low mileage. The previous owner took excellent care of it, keeping it in pristine condition both inside and out. The interior looks as though it rolled off the factory floor yesterday, and the seats feel like they're brand new. Overall, it's one of the best-maintained original cars we've ever seen.


The Nismo S-Tune, S1 Package is a light tuning package designed for the Nissan Skyline GT-R, aimed at street drivers seeking higher control performance and sporty performance at every stage. This package offers a more manageable pleasant ride, allowing drivers to draw out the full potential of their vehicle on normal or winding roads.

It provides high-dimensional control performance, making it suitable for those who want to enhance their driving experience without compromising on comfort.


The Nismo S1 parts bring significant improvements to the engine's torque and output, thanks to the new camshafts and turbos. This tuning provides an easy and stress-free city driving experience while enhancing the engine's potential.

Engine Model: RB26DETT "S1 (S-tune concept ENGINE Spec 1)" Specification

Total Displacement: 2,568 cc

Maximum Output: 400 ps / 6,800 rpm

Maximum Torque: 45 kg · m / 5, 600 rpm

Head Cover & Collector Tank: Crystal Red or Black

Air Cleaner Duct: FRP "NISMO" logo included

Exhaust System: Weldina NE-1, with sports catalyzer

Engine Oil Cooler: 13 steps, cooling efficiency STD ratio 47% increase

Racing Radiator Cap: Operating valve pressure P = 0.13 MPa


Turbochargers: Larger diameter turbo outlet

Camshafs: S1 exclusive camshaft

Head Gasket: Metal head gasket

Air Filter: Sports air filter

Computer: S1 exclusive computer

[Power Train]

Introducing the "Sports clutch kit" featuring the innovative Copper Mix material that delivers stable torque transmission and thermal stability, making it an ideal choice for sports enthusiasts. Its easy handling and exceptional operation provide a genuine clutch experience that's suitable for anyone to use comfortably. With this clutch system, enjoy a phenomenal performance that goes beyond your standard metal type clutch.


The "S-tune suspension system" promises an easy-to-handle chassis tuning that offers stability even on rough roads and high speeds. Additionally, the "S-tune brake pad" and "brake hose set" improve braking power and reduce dust and squeaking. Overall, these enhancements make for a smoother and more stable driving experience.

The "LMGT4" one piece forged wheel is designed specifically for NISMO package cars, offering a reduction in unsprung load and high rigidity and strength. This leads to improved performance and handling for the vehicle.

Suspension: G-ATTACK S-tune suspension system (Shock absorber, coil spring, stabilizer)

Brake Pad: S-tune non asbestos (front & rear)

Brake Hose: PTFE Hose + Stainless Mesh

Tire: Potenza RE-01: 275/35 ZR 18

Aluminium Road Wheels: NISMO LMGT 4 18 inch forged 1 piece Gold, White, Silver or Bronze selectable 18 × 9.5 JJ


Nismo's exterior design incorporates the knowledge gained through the development of race cars, resulting in a highly sophisticated and advanced look. The expertise accumulated is evident in every detail of the exterior, making it a force to be reckoned with.

Improvements to aerodynamics using wind tunnel testing have allowed an increase in downforce while also reducing drag coefficient. Additionally, we have optimized the cooling effect for both the engine and brakes, resulting in enhanced performance overall.

The high-performance exterior is intended to turn heads and provide unparalleled driving experiences, blending aesthetics with function to create a perfect balance. Nismo has continued to push the boundaries of design and innovation, resulting in cars that look as good as they feel to drive.

The rear is also fitted with a three-dimensional metal emblem exclusive for NISMO package cars.

Aero Kit : Front aero bumper, Side skirt set, Rear spoiler, carbon flap, Rear under spoiler set

Carbon Pillar Garnish: "NISMO" logo, carbon fibre

Fuel Filler: Nismo aluminium

Clear Indicator Lens: Front and side

Dedicated Emblem: NISMO and S-Tune


The combination meter of this vehicle boasts an impressive 320 km/h speed display, igniting the driver's passion for performance. Additionally, the "Floor Mat" further enhances the driving experience by allowing for quick pedal function and improved heel grip. The interior design incorporates functional parts that contribute to a comfortable and practical driving experience. All of these features work in tandem to stimulate the driver's love for the open road and invigorate their driving spirit.

Multifunction Display: Nismo upgrade

Combination Meter: White or black selectable 320 km/h, 11,000 rpm

Shift knob: GT shift knob, made of titanium

Floor Mat: "NISMO" with aluminum plate with logo, black


Don't miss out on the chance to own a piece of motoring history! This is an exciting opportunity to own a piece of automotive heritage that will continue to increase in value over time. Whether you're a collector, a car enthusiast, or simply looking for a unique investment opportunity, don't let this chance slip away. Act now and secure your place in history with a piece of automotive nostalgia that will surely be cherished for years to come.

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