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Nissan Skyline R34 GT-R V-SPEC II

• 08/2002 Nissan Skyline R34 GT-R V-SPEC II

• 59,000km Genuine (36,875 miles)

• Japanese Grade 4.5 very rare and highly sought after

• No Repair history

• Original Factory paint QX1 Pearl White (verified with paint meter)

• Fully documented Japanese Service History from New

• Nissan service book and spare key

• Storage & Worldwide Shipping Service Available

• Immaculate condition throughout perfect Collector Car

• HJA Stock code: HJA602


HJA is pleased to present a remarkable R34 GT-R V-Spec II, boasting Japanese auction grade 4.5 and accident-free history. This car has been meticulously maintained and has only covered a genuine low-mileage since being delivered new.

This GTR is in exceptional condition with flawless original bodywork, having been garaged and not used in the rain throughout its life. It has clearly been very well taken care of by its previous owner in Japan. The pictures accurately represent the pristine condition of the car, which looks as if it has just left the factory.

We have measured the paintwork thickness and its inline with factory tolerances which is truly remarkable for a vehicle of this age.

The stock interior of the car is exceptional, showcasing the original Nissan GTR features such as the stereo, steering wheel, gear knob, and gaiters. The interior also boasts Nissan GTR mats, which are still in factory fresh condition. Overall, the interior of the car remains in its original state, enhancing its value and allure to car enthusiasts after an unmolested example.

This GTR is not only immaculately clean on the surface but also rust-free underneath, with undented chassis rails from proper jacking. Even the strut tops, rear arches, and spare wheel area are pristine, a detail appreciated by those familiar with GTR's.

This GTR drives beautifully with healthy oil pressure of 6 bar at cold start and 2.5bar at hot idle. The RB26 engine pulls strongly without hesitation and the gearbox shifts smoothly with no crunches. Overall, it's a high-quality driving experience as expected from a GTR of this standard.

In summary, this is an extremely well preserved example and a must-own for any serious collector of Japanese performance cars.

Japanese Service History Records from new:

2777kms, 5972kms, 9549kms, 12437kms, 15289kms, 17764kms, 26462kms, 34615kms, 42871kms, 46736kms, 50685kms, 55436kms, serviced on arrival at HJA at 59,922kms.

Factory Spec

The V·Spec II has increased stiffness in the suspension and had larger rear brake rotors. It also comes equipped with a carbon fibre bonnet equipped with a NACA duct, which is lighter than the aluminium that all other GT-R bonnets are made from. Also different on the V·Spec II was an iridium centre console and aluminium pedals. The seats were upholstered with black cloth rather than the gray cloth used on previous R34 GT-R models, and the amber turn lenses were replaced with white versions. A total of 1,855 V-Spec II were built, of those only 303 in pearl white.

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