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£53,995 (GBP)

Toyota Supra RZ-S

• 01/1998 Toyota Supra RZ-S

• Factory Twin Turbo

• Factory Manual 6 Speed gearbox (V161)

• 109,000km (68k miles)

• Japanese Auction Grade 4

• No accident history

• Extensive service history from Tokyo Toyota main dealership

• U.S Import legal

• Stock code: HJA611

Toyota Supra Mk 4: The Quintessential JDM Classic

HJA proudly presents another gem from the revered lineup of JDM legends: the Toyota Supra Mk 4. This iconic machine epitomizes power, precision, and timeless design, securing its place in the hearts of car enthusiasts across the globe.

The Toyota Supra Mk 4 is a highly coveted vehicle worldwide. In the United States, low mileage left-hand drive (LHD) models are fetching prices north of $200,000. Meanwhile, the right-hand drive (RHD) JDM variants offer a more cost-effective yet equally thrilling option.

This impressive Supra, graded 4 for its exterior in Japan, is accident-free and retains its original factory panels. Its excellent condition reflects over two decades of great care from its last owner in Japan.

Under the hood, this Supra is also in top form. It starts effortlessly and idles with a pleasing purr. Manoeuvring through city streets is a delight, with its seamless gearbox and clutch that's a breeze to use. The Tein suspension ensures enhanced stability around corners, all while preserving comfort. The engine delivers consistent power across the rev range, providing a lively and responsive driving sensation.

It’s astounding to consider that these cars were released nearly three decades ago, as their performance and build quality remain impressive even by today's standards.

Finding a Twin Turbo Manual Supra in good/mostly original condition has become a challenge. The rising demand from multiple markets, the classic status these vehicles have attained, and their limited production numbers have all contributed to the spike in prices.

Whether you seek a cherished, lightly modified example for personal enjoyment, to add to a collection, or as a valuable investment, look no further. This Supra Mk 4 is a testament to the enduring allure of JDM engineering and style.


Trust Titanium cat-back exhaust

Greddy metal top rad hose

[Wheels & Suspension]

Tein coilovers

TRD strut brace

Advan racing RG1 18” alloy wheels


TRD 320km/h meter (record of meter change)

Factory Recaro confetti seats

Momo race wheel

Defi gauges

Carbon wrapped binnacle

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