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£79,995 (GBP)

Nissan Skyline R33 GT-R Series 3 AR1

11/1997 Series 3 AR1 Nissan Skyline R33 GT-R

• Just 162 R33s were manufactured in the AR1 Super Clear Red II color variant

67,000kms Genuine (Approx. 42k miles)

Japanese auction grade 4

• No Accident history

Built by EXPERT Murata motor factory Japan & JUN Tanaka

• Recently Dyno checked by Redline Tuning making a whopping 706bhp

• Dash signed by Nissan GT500 Race driver Ronnie Quintarelli

• Stock Code: HJA612


HJA is thrilled to present to you this meticulously crafted Series 3 R33 GT-R, skilfully assembled by the renowned Japanese GT-R tuning legends at Jun Auto and EXPERT Murata Motor Factory. This particular model truly shines as one of the most exceptional tuned R33 GT-Rs we've had in our inventory for a number of years!

EXPERT Murata Motor Factory, located in Hyogo Prefecture and managed by Daisuke Murata, is a renowned tuning shop. Murata-San is recognized for his perfectionism in his craft, particularly renowned for his meticulous attention to detail in all facets of tuning the legendary RB26 engine. Each component incorporated into Murata-San's builds undergoes a thorough selection process, with only those deemed necessary and advantageous being utilized.

The path to dominance begins with the engine. EXPERT proceeded to incorporate an array of reinforced components, including HKS 87mm forged pistons and JUN I-section forged connecting rods to strengthen the bottom end. Ensuring optimal lubrication, EXPERT also installed an HKS high-flow oil pump. The Cylinder head was sent to the Legends at JUN Tanaka to work their magic on.


The Trust T88 Single Turbo is known for its large capacity and crank horsepower potential. However, it also traditionally suffers from turbo lag due to its size. To combat this, Murata-San integrated a HKS V-Cam system, engineered to dynamically regulate intake valve timing. This optimization bolsters engine efficiency during lower and moderate speeds while maximizing power output at high RPMs.


Breathing in through the HKS High flow intake, the Trust T88 blows into HKS/Greddy intercooler piping and a Trust front-mount intercooler. The cooled air then makes its way up to the Nismo intake to be equally distributed into each cylinder. Sharing space in the nose with the Trust oil cooler kit, the Trust intercooler helps keep the intake charge temperature well under control.


The SARD swirl pot in the trunk plays a vital role in providing a steady supply of fuel. This is very helpful while tackling corners or during high G-force acceleration where a normal fuel tank might suffer from fuel starvation due to fuel sloshing. Hence, the swirl pot prevents any such misfortunes and ensures unrelenting, reliable performance.


In a recent inspection and dyno test carried out at Redline Tuning, the vehicle delivered an impressive 706bhp at 1.7 bar, showcasing substantial untapped potential. During a subsequent road test, the team at Redline Tuning was amazed by the car's performance, noting that it felt notably faster than even its impressive dyno results suggested. This stands as a testament to the exceptional craftsmanship and tuning expertise of EXPERT Murata motor factory.


Additionally, Murata-San equipped the vehicle with an Auto Gallery Yokohama SS690 Cross Mission gearbox coupled with a ATS hybrid triple clutch, renowned for its excellent street usability while also capable of handling increased power demands when necessary.


The A’PEXi N1 Damper PRO coilovers offer precisely tuned damping settings, meticulously configured through extensive trackside research. Providing the R33 with unparalleled balance and control, these coil overs coupled with the Ikeya adjustable arms enable the hefty GT-R to manoeuvre with the agility of a much lighter vehicle. However, given their high spring rates, it's advisable to consider alternative coil overs if you frequently encounter bumpy roads, as the current setup is notably firm.


Despite the extensive emphasis on performance, one might assume that other facets of the car could have been neglected. However, such is not the scenario with this R33. The exterior has received meticulous attention, adorned with an array of carbon enhancements including Auto Select carbon canards and a front splitter complemented by aggressively offset Enkei RS05RR alloy wheels. Furthermore, carbon fibre doors have been fitted while still preserving the functionality of electric windows in full.


The chassis is in honest, rust-free condition and underwent inspection by Steve at SR Auto Bodies. We entrusted them with repairing some jack damage to the sills, ensuring the integrity of the chassis remains impeccable.


The Skyline GT-R brand has become highly coveted globally, arguably ranking as the most sought-after car in today's rapidly growing classic and performance car market. Whether you seek a meticulously modified specimen for personal enjoyment, inclusion in a collection, or as an investment, your search ends here.



The block and head underwent machining by JUN Tanaka before being expertly assembled at EXPERT Murata Motor Factory.

Boring/honing with dummy head

HKS 87mm Forged pistons (Displacement now 2,628cc)

JUN I section forged connecting rods

Dynamically balanced crankshaft with single key processing

NISMO bearings (special treated)

HKS high flow oil pump

BNR34 N1 water pump

HKS V-cam Step 2

HKS 264 exhaust camshaft

NISMO intake manifold

NISMO Timing belt

EXPERT custom metal head gasket

EXPERT Intake/exhaust/throttle gasket kit

Cylinder head built by JUN Tanaka industrial:

Combustion chamber processing

Port step modification

Valve seats processed

Bronze valve guides

JUN Head Stud kit

TRUST T88-33D 18cm single Turbo

TRUST stainless steel manifold

TRUST downpipe

TRUST External Wastegate Type-C

TRUST wastegate spring 1.1bar

TRUST screamer pipe

Funk motorsports turbo blanket

HKS Power Flow intake

EXPERT Titanium muffler

EXPERT Titanium de cat

Nismo engine mounts

Oil catch tank/screen wash ally tank



SARD new style 850cc Injectors

SARD fuel rail

SARD 265L fuel pump x 2

SARD collector tank

SARD fuel regulator



TRUST 16 stage Oil cooler

TRUST 3 layer Intercooler

TABATA cross radiator with air separator tank

Billion large capacity thermostat 71c

Carbon radiator cooling panel


[CPU & Controllers]

LINK ECU control

LINK 3 BAR external map sensor

HKS EVC6iR boost controller

HKS Circuit Attack Counter

Field torque split controller

Greddy turbo timer

Pivot rev lamp



ATS hybrid triple clutch (2 carbon plates + 1 metal)

CUSCO RS differential [front]

NISMO Carbon differential [rear]

Auto Gallery Yokohama SS690 Cross Mission (5 speed)

JING diff breather



Enkei RS-R 18” 10.5J+15

Tyres: Yokohama Advan Neova AD09 (295/35/18)

Alcon callipers with 355mm rotors

Brake cooling ducting

A’PEXi N1 Damper PRO

CUSCO rear upper arms

IKEYA formula front upper link

IKEYA formula pillow adjuster link

IKEYA formula rear lower arm

IKEYA Formula Trunk Adjuster Rod

HICAS lockout kit



CUSCO roll bar


MOMO Steering

BRIDE LOW MAX [driver's seat]

NISMO Titanium shift knob

NISMO combination meter (Record of exchange below)

Greddy additional meters (oil/water/exhaust temp, boost)



AUTOSELECT carbon canards

AUTOSELECT front lip

After market carbon fibre doors (Electrics still work)

Genuine OP rear mudguard/spats

Wise square headlight lens

Carbon bumper ducts

N1 bumper ducts


[Other info]

Record of OEM speedo replacement at 32kms (16/11/1997)

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