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Nissan Skyline R34 GT-R V-Spec MNPII

• 02/1999 Nissan Skyline R34 GT-R V-Spec MNPII

• limited Edition Only 282 V-Spec Midnight Purple II’s Produced (LV4)

• U.S Import legal under show and display

• No accident history

• Mileage 155,000kms

• Stock Code: HJA615

• Worldwide shipping and storage services available


HJA is excited to present this rare limited Midnight Purple II R34 GT-R V-Spec, a highly coveted version of the R34 that can be imported into the U.S under show and display rules. Only 282 V-Spec Midnight Purple II’s were ever produced, making this car a true collector's item.

This car goes above and beyond a stock example, with every detail meticulously fine-tuned to create a true machine for the road. From the engine to the chassis, every aspect of the vehicle has been reimagined to produce a true street weapon.

This RB overcomes its usual weak points by swapping out the stock block with an N1 block and installing HKS internals. The HKS 2.8 litre step 1 stroker kit, HKS GTIII turbos, and Naprec high response head create a fast spooling torque monster.

The build addresses all aspects, including oil lubrication, cooling, fuelling, and intake/exhaust, resulting in a versatile package that can perform on the limit and also cruise the streets.

The R34 GT-R has been equipped with massive 6 Pot AP callipers to consistently stop the missile. A set of HKS coilovers and other suspension components ensure the car has balance and agility despite its weight, allowing it to move like a lightweight.

The car's exterior is in excellent condition with eye-catching midnight purple II paintwork that must be seen in person to truly appreciate. The combination of the Nismo Aero and Volk Racing wheels is visually stunning in terms of aesthetics. It has never been in an accident and its chassis is clean and rust-free, avoiding costly repairs.

In summary; A Rare limited edition R34 GT-R V-spec that has been professionally tuned to high standards is a perfect addition to any car collector's collection. Don't miss out on the opportunity to own this unique vehicle.


N1 24U Block (New)

HKS 2.8 litre Step1 stroker kit

HKS 87mm Forged Pistons

HKS Forged connecting rods shot peened

HKS Forged fully counterweight crankshaft

Nismo bearings

Reimax high flow Oil Pump

NISMO N1 Water Pump

Duratec Large Capacity Oil Pan

Nismo intake manifold/Plenum

HKS GTIII GT2530 Turbos (new style)

HKS Turbo intake piping

Nismo outlet intercooler piping

Naprec High Response Kit

Replacing Forged Intake Valve for RB26 and Racing Valve Guides

Valve guide exchange

Polishing EXH Valve face

Seat cut for racing (Matching the thrusting point)

Cylinder head resurfacing

HKS 264 degree camshaft

HKS Cam Sprocket

HKS Crank Angle Sensor (Optical)

NISMO Strengthened Timing Belt

NISMO Strengthened Engine Mount

Mine's VX Muffler

R35 GTR coil kit

Oil catch tank


900cc injectors

SARD Fuel pressure regulator

Lage capacity fuel rail

Large capacity fuel pump


HKS R Type Intercooler

HKS Intake Power Flow

Trust Oil Cooler

Evolve/HPI aluminium radiator

[Cpu & controllers]


HKS EVC 6 Boost controller


NISMO Combination Cluster

MCR shift knob


AP 6 pot callipers front with grooved rotors

Rear grooved discs

RAYS TE37SL (brand new to be fitted)

HKS Hypermax MAX IV SP

Cusco adjustable top arms


Nismo Z tune front bumper

Nismo smoked Indicator set

Nismo side skirts and rear spats

Extended front carbon lip

Front Tow bar

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