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Honda Civic FD2 Type R (Facelift)

• 04/2010 Honda Civic FD2 Type R (Facelift)

• 125,300kms Genuine (Approx 78K miles)

• Rare Premium Deep Violet Pearl paint

• Rare Optional Extra BBS Alloy Wheels

• Japanese auction grade 4-B (No accident history)

• Honda Shikoku service history from new

• Original Honda books/manuals present

• Newly imported from Japan, with no previous owners in the U.K.

• HJA Stock code: HJA623


HJA brings you this stunning facelift Honda Civic FD2 Type R just in from Japan. Hailed by many as the Best Honda Civic Type R ever made and a must-have for anyone’s car collection.


Beneath its Evo-like rear wing and reprofiled front and rear bumpers, Honda’s engineers went to work, stiffening the sedan’s chassis and lightening it by 13.4kg, mostly by removing sound-deadening, while fitting a tweaked version of the beloved Integra DC5 Type R’s drivetrain.

In the FD2, the 2.0-litre atmo K20A engine was tweaked to make more power (165kW) than both the DC5 (147kW) and the FN2 (148kW). The six-speed’s ratios were redone, braking was beefed up with the fitment of 4-pot Brembos up front, and traction augmented with a Torsen diff.


Honda claimed the FD2’s body was a whole 50 per cent stiffer than the DC5, while the sedan’s rear independent suspension set-up was more sophisticated than the FN2’s torsion beam design.


For me though, the bigger improvement, and one you can appreciate at all speeds, not just running flat out, is one you feel through your hands, not the seat of your pants.


While the FN2 followed the precedent set by the EP3, going for an electrically assisted steering rack, the FD2 got old-fashioned hydraulic steering that communicates messages from the front wheels far more transparently.

That purity of connection sums this Civic up. There’s a sincerity to the FD2 Type R not all fast cars can claim. There are no gimmicks, no ‘sport’ buttons, no multi-setting dampers, and no fake sound effects. Today, that purity is one of the reasons FD2s are so highly prized.


The bodywork boasts great condition, having been meticulously cared for by its previous owner in Japan. Rated Grade 4 with no accident history, finding such an original, clean example is a rarity.

As you can see from the underside pics the chassis is still in original factory condition with no rust issues that plague so many of these awesome machines.


It drives beautifully, the engine pulls hard without any hesitation; Gearbox changes are nice and fluent. There are no knocks or rattles from the suspension, this really is a joy to drive.


Overall if you are searching for a good clean honest example to enjoy or add to a collection then look no further.


Other Info:

Factory Navigation System

Rear Camera


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