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Nissan S15

• 05/1999 Nissan S15

• 420 bhp (boost-1.3bar)

• Engine, M/T (overhaul, bore up, etc. at 120,000km, major specification changes)

• Total kms now 164,720kms.

• Eligible for shipping to the U.S. in May 2024, complimentary storage provided until that time.

• Stock code: HJA626


HJA is thrilled to present this newly imported Nissan S15, which comes equipped with a huge array of top branded tuning enhancements, and boasts over 400 horsepower. The car not only looks stunning but is also seriously fun to drive!

The engine has been substantially improved, featuring CP pistons and enhancements to resolve oil surge problems courtesy of a Tomei oil pan. Naprec has also refined the cylinder head, integrating their high-response kit with oversized valves to further enhance the engine's performance.

Breathing in through the Trust High flow intake, the HKS GTII turbocharger blows into a GT-R HPI front-mount intercooler. The cooled air then makes its way up to the Greddy intake to be equally distributed into each cylinder for optimal engine performance. Numerous additional cooling enhancements have been integrated into the design specifications to ensure consistent temperature regulation, even under strenuous driving conditions.

The drivetrain has undergone reinforcement, incorporating a HPI-upgraded NISMO 6-speed manual gearbox, coupled with an Ogura racing clutch, while power is efficiently distributed to the tarmac through a Nismo limited-slip differential.

The suspension has been extensively upgraded with aftermarket components, replacing nearly all the original arms and rods to enhance the S15's balance and stability.

Equipped with substantial APP 6 POT titanium brakes at the front, complemented by R34 GTR V-Spec callipers and discs at the rear, the vehicle boasts exceptional stopping power, ensuring formidable braking performance from any velocity.

Building upon the remainder of the specifications, both the exterior and interior have been extensively outfitted with a wide array of aftermarket accessories and bespoke customizations to further enhance the vehicles presence.

This S15 exemplifies the extraordinary impact of JDM tuning, metamorphosing an ordinary vehicle into a formidable contender for both attention-grabbing street presence and high-performance street/track day activities, fully prepared to exceed expectations.


CP forged piston 88mm kit

Tomei large capacity oil pan

Naprec High Response big Valve Kit

Reinforced NVCS processing

Rocker arm WPC processing

Yashio Factory Super Surge Tank

luther 90mm throttlebody

HKS GT II 7460 Turbo KIT

HKS Super turbo muffler

Waste gate pipe exhaust return processing one-off

Reinforced ignition coil (AD van gas coil) & adapter

Yashio Factory Oka-chan ignition relay

HPI oil attachment (moved the element to the back of the right light)

Tomei N2 oil block

R32GTR engine mount

R32GTR M/T mount

Before airflow of suction pipe 100 (one-off)

R35 Airflow

Master cylinder & back for R33GTR

NISMO oil filler cap

Aluminium under guard (engine)

TRUST Air Filter (1000)

Air duct (filter) one-off

Muffler tail end (titanium) one-off

GP SPORTS Power Catalyzer (Sports Catalyst)

Okuyama blow-by oil catch tank


KOYORAD Radiator

Intercooler for HPI GT-R

DRL oil cooler

Okuyama coolant air bleed tank

SARD radiator tank

Mazda RX-8 electric fan (FAN1 automatic /FAN2 manual, optional)

Radiator cooling panel (carbon)


NISMO fuel pump

SARD 900cc injectors

SARD fuel Rail

Tomei Fuel Regulator & Mesh Hose


Ogura clutch light (HP) 420PS specification (replaced at 140,000 km)

HPI enhanced NISMO 6-speed Manual transmission



Largus Type S coilovers

Front CAPP 6POT brake Callipers (345mm)

Rear Endless stainless steel mesh brake hose system

Brembo rear brake calliper for R34GTR V.spec

Rear rotor for R34GTR Vspec (322mm)

Cusco rear upper

IKEYA Formula tension rod

NISMO F lower arm, R lower arm

KTS tie rod end

ZSS toe control rod

D-MAX traction rod

pillow tension rod

tie rod end

Cusco carbon tower par

STR lower brace bar (engine support bar)

Cusco stabilizer

Cusco tension rod bar

Kuscopy side reinforcement bar

Nagisa Auto solid support (front fender bar)

Dulac floor support bar (under the vehicle body)

Cusco Pillar Bar (R Tower Bar)


Apexi power FC ECU

Apexi power FC hand controller

Drivers bucket seat

Centre console, lower panel replacement (Alcantara)

Professional sports (A/F meter)

Defi (water temperature, oil temperature, oil pressure, fuel pressure, exhaust temperature, boost)

HKS turbo timer

HKS EVC boost controller (with scramble SW)

BILLION VFC Fan Controller (Electric FAN 1 Control

Electric FUN 2 forced switch (one-off)

Pivot shift indicator

Meter panel change (Ferrari)

SUPER LAP titanium shift knob

Workbell Rafix II (steering detachment system)

OMP steering type D (removable)

NISMO aluminium pedal & footrest (accelerator pedal is R34 genuine products)

Floor support bar (indoor back seat footlight)

airbag removal

1DIN stereo

Attic deadening

Panasonic ETC (inside clove box)

Air conditioner controller (inside glove box)

Origin carbon lining (driver seat, passenger seat)

Shift panel (carbon pasted)

Steering column (carbon)

Air conditioner ring (metal)

Spin turn knob (handbrake)

Trunk looper (indoor)

Constant power supply, ACC, integrated ground management, one-off distribution board, passenger airbag space)

Security switch (ignition cut)

Security switch (fuel cut)


TRE Full Aero Kit (EDGE) 50mm Wide [Officially Approved]

Full painting (Porsche genuine agate Gray metallic)

origin bonnet

78WORKS headlight

78WORKS Rear LED brake light

Fog lamp (yellow)

Craft square wing mirrors

Racing rearview mirror

Side turn signal LED

Rear diffuser (carbon)

Front diffuser (one-off)

RAYS TE37 forged wheels (18inch-10J)

Front and rear tires 265/35/18

NISMO wheel lock nut

Gas tank hose and other parts replaced

Front and rear tow hooks

G corporation bonnet damper


Engine room painting (gold)

Engine head cover painting (silver plating)

ABS removal

Moved to battery trunk (in box)

Fuse box relocation (right fender engine one-off)

Wiring drawer inside engine room (one-off)

Undercoat painting (underbody)

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