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£380,000 (GBP)

Nissan Skyline R34 GT-R M-SPEC

• 03/2002 Nissan Skyline R34 GT-R M-SPEC

• 19,110 kms Genuine (approx. 11,943 miles)

• Full Japanese Nissan Matsumoto service history from new

• 1 owner from New purchased from brand New from Nissan

• No Accident History

• Only 366 M-specs made in total by Nissan

• This is number 260 of 366

• Only 131 M-Specs ever made in EY0 Silica Brass

• Worldwide shipping is available and can be delivered to your door almost anywhere in Europe.

• Long/short-term storage options available for U.S customers


HJA presents an extraordinary offering: a one-owner Nissan Skyline R34 GT-R M spec, boasting a mere 19,000km on the clock and remaining in factory condition. This exceptional vehicle has spent its entire life nestled within the confines of a garage. Its distinctive Silica Breath colour sets it apart as one of only 131 M-Specs crafted in this hue. Originally acquired by a businessman in Nagano prefecture Japan, this pristine specimen was purchased brand new from NISSAN on March 29, 2002.

In May 2001, the M·Spec was released. It was based on the V-Spec II, but had special "Ripple control" dampers, revised suspension set up, stiffer rear sway bar and a leather interior with heated front seats. The 'M' on the M·Spec stood for Mizuno who is the chief engineer of Nissan. The only other change was the removal of the carbon fibre bonnet which was replaced with the standard aluminium bonnet. This particular R34 model was designed BY Nissan with more comfort in mind.

The single owner in Japan was a collector rather than a driver, amassing a variety of classics including Mercedes AMG’s, Jaguar’s, and more. This vehicle was one of his prized possessions kept inside his garage. As an elderly individual, he never pushed any of his cars to high speeds, maintaining this one in its original state. The only modification made was the installation of a NISMO meter cluster at 1,949km.

The exterior presents in impeccable condition, with all window seals and trims throughout the vehicle appearing virtually untouched. While a few stone chips are evident on the front bumper, the remainder of the car showcases outstanding original condition.

Remarkably, the brake rotors, disks, and callipers are in pristine condition, and the headlight coating looks brand new with no cracks. Unlike many GT-Rs, this car shows no signs of damage to the front lip.

Upon lifting the hood, you'll be astounded by the immaculate condition of the engine bay. It's evident that this GT-R has never encountered wet weather conditions. Each nut and bolt appears pristine, with factory bar-coded stickers still intact on the engine loom/harnesses. Typically, these stickers suffer damage or detachment due to heat, underscoring the exceptional quality of this R34.

The interior trims and inner panels exhibit mint condition. As you're aware, the M spec GTR features a distinctive interior, with most M spec seats showing signs of fading/cracks or wear. However, the seats in this car are in impeccable condition, owing to its indoor storage. Additionally, the steering wheel, shift knob, and side brake covers retain an almost brand-new feel.

It's typical for the multi-function display motor screen in GT-Rs to fade over time, but this is not the case with this car; the screen functions perfectly. The factory Navi/TV setup originates from a brand new, 100% non-smoking car, with the ashtray remaining unused and gleaming like new.

It's truly astonishing to witness the condition of the undercarriage of this revered classic, which outshines even newer vehicles despite its nearly 23-year-old age. Every suspension component, heat shield, and chassis leg remains in remarkably pristine original condition.

The Nissan Skyline R34 GT-R holds a prestigious status worldwide, emerging as a standout contender in the realm of classic and high-performance automobiles.

Consequently, locating meticulously cared-for examples is a challenging pursuit.

For those aspiring to possess an extraordinary vehicle and join the esteemed GT-R ownership fraternity, this represents the pinnacle choice.

Japanese Service History/Inspection from New:

2002 March 29th First Reg

2002 June 25th 1949km NISMO speed meter change (with record)

2004 May 6th 5500km(3051km on cluster after swap) FULL Maintenance / re-new of reg/plates

below this are kms read on the cluster

2005 March 26th 3327km FULL Maintenance / re-new of reg/plates

2005 Sept 16th 3801km 6 month recheck and maintenance

2006 Sept 9th 4734km 6 month recheck and maintenance

2007 March 30th 5683km FULL Maintenance / re-new of reg/plates

2007 October 5th 6522km 6 month recheck and maintenance

2008 April 27th 6928km 12month full maintenance

2008 Sept 15th 7390km 6 month recheck and maintenance

2009 March 2nd 8205km FULL Maintenance / re-new of reg/plates

2010 April 10th 9464km 12month full maintenance

2010 November 10th 11527km 6 month recheck and maintenance

2011 March 19th 12031km FULL Maintenance / re-new of reg/plates

2011 October 17th 13356km 6 month recheck and maintenance

2012 March 30th 13333km check of warm for pads/brake horse etc

2012 Aug 10th 14241km 12month full maintenance

2012 Sept 26th 14701km 6 month recheck and maintenance

2013 March 27th 15144km FULL Maintenance/ re-new of reg/plates

2013 October 20th 15176km 6 month recheck and maintenance

2014 March 30th 15211km 12month full maintenance

2014 Sept 4th 15682km 6 month recheck and maintenance

2015 March 14th 16112km FULL Maintenance / re-new of rego/plates

2015 Sept 17th 16113km 6 month recheck and maintenance

2016 June 30th 16123km 12month full maintenance

2017 May 10th 16720km FULL Maintenance / re-new of reg/plates

Current km 17,161km (odometer +1949km total: 19,110kms)

ALL maintenance has been done at MATSUMOTO NISSAN DEALERSHIP

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