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£145,000 (GBP)

Nissan Skyline R34 GT-R V-SPEC II

• 02/2001 Nissan Skyline R34 GT-R V-SPEC II

• 129,000km Genuine (Approx. 80k miles)

• Japanese Auction Grade 4-B

• No Repair history

• Fully documented Nissan Japanese Service History from New

• Original Nissan key inc spare and Nissan owners Manual.

• Nissan factory QX1 Pearl white paint

• Storage & Worldwide Shipping Service Available

• HJA Stock code: HJA646


HJA proudly introduces this Stunning R34 GT-R V-SPEC II. Enhanced with top-of-the-line Nismo components and meticulously maintained with a complete Nissan service record since its inception, this opportunity is not to be overlooked for any R34 GT-R enthusiast in the market.

The exterior is in excellent condition, featuring Nismo aero components installed directly by Nissan, rather than a third party. Our paintwork thickness measurements reveal that, aside from the bonnet and naturally the Nismo aero, it remains within factory tolerances, showcasing the remarkable condition of this vehicle.

The interior remains in good original condition, with only minor signs of use. The seats display minimal wear, mirroring the overall condition of the interior and reflecting the exceptional care provided by the previous owner in Japan.

As evident from the images, the chassis has been very well maintained, devoid of jack-up dents on both inner and outer rails, and free from the rust problems often associated with these iconic vehicles.

Additionally, it's worth noting that it possessed valid shaken/number plates before departing Japan, indicating successful completion of the rigorous Japanese testing.

Performance upgrades conducted by Nissan Prince Kagawa Takamatsu include a Nismo sports resetting, Fujitsubo Giken front pipe, and cat back exhaust. Paired with the Nismo G-Attack suspension, these enhancements notably enhance the driving experience beyond factory standards.

Factory Spec difference from previous models:

The V·Spec II has increased stiffness in the suspension and had larger rear brake rotors. It also comes equipped with a carbon fibre bonnet equipped with a NACA duct, which is lighter than the aluminium that all other GT-R bonnets are made from. Also different on the V·Spec II was an iridium centre console and aluminium pedals. The seats were upholstered with black cloth rather than the gray cloth used on previous R34 GT-R models, and the amber turn lenses were replaced with white versions. A total of 1,855 V-Spec II were built, of those only 303 in pearl white.

Nissan Service History/Inspection records:

1146kms, 10725kms, 11404kms, 13360kms, 13369kms, 23185kms, 23260kms, 38755kms, 38463kms, 48507kms, 55882kms, 63492kms, 74739kms, 87829kms, 100585kms, 117746kms, 123761kms, 123763kms, 126556kms, 128979kms, 129054kms.

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