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£165,000 (GBP)

Liberty Walk R35 GT-R

Liberty Walk R35 GT-R

Full LB-Silhouette WORKS GT 35GT-RR Bodykit with certificate of authentication

Built in Japan by Liberty Walk this was the first Silhouette WORKS GT-R built by them to arrive in Europe

We believe the only Silhouette WORKS built by them currently in Europe.

Displayed at 2022 Liberty Walk stand at Goodwood Festival of Speed

Porsche Miami Blue

Forged Rohana Trinity Series RFG15 alloy wheels

GT-R R35 Race Version Fi Exhaust

AirRex wireless digital air management suspension


Liberty Walk History

Liberty Walk’s been around since 1993, and at its birth represented something of a game-changer. Kato-san wanted to “change the perception of car workshops” and started selling bodykits for kei-cars, then became an American and supercar importer from his neon-lit premises in Japan, a few years ahead of the Max Power modifying scene, to which he owes his fortune.

Subsequently, he sculpted a few bodykits for Lamborghinis, the popularity of which heralded a separate subdivision of the company called LB Performance. Now that name’s become a mainstay in the rarefied super-wide supercar tuning niche. One that’s spearheaded by Kato-san, who owns a custom Ferrari F40, 458, Lamborghini Murcielago, Aventador and many, many retro Japanese cars fabricated in all kinds of weird and wacky ways.

Liberty Walk @ 2022 Goodwood Festival of Speed

The liberty walk brand is growing day by day they are now world renowned with their kits being sold worldwide. Their popularity increasing as seen at this years Goodwood Festival of Speed where their Silhouette S15 stole the show and where our GTR was displayed on their stand.

The journey begins

Liberty Walk decided to find the best base car possible to carry out their world renowned Silhouette WORKS GT 35GT-RR conversion. So when a super clean Grade 5A 2008 Nissan GTR turned up at auction they knew this was the one to get. Graded 5A which is the highest grade possible for a used vehicle and with only 19k kilometres it will be hard to find a cleaner base car.

The build begins

Once the ideal base car was found the next step was for Liberty Walk to commission the

LB-Silhouette WORKS GT 35GT-RR Ver.2 Complete Body kit to be fitted this comprises

Front Bumper

Front Canard & Diffuser

Rear Bumper

Rear Diffuser

Silhouette Rear wing ver.2 [New style]

Wide Body Fender kit [front fender ,side skirt ,rear fender]

Carbon Bonnet Hood


Once the kit was professionally installed by their authorised bodyshop THX&CO it was time to choose the colour and what better colour than Porsche Miami Blue to compliment the kit the colour really needs to be seen to be appreciated.

They then went on to fit the AirRex wireless digital air management system which allows you to lower and raise the suspension at a touch of a button. With multiple settings you can independently raise each side or both front and rear together uses the wireless controller. Slam it for shows, set it for track or raise it for those speed bumps or awkward drives.

To complete the exterior they needed to find a set of wheels to fill those huge arches and what better way to fill them with than a set of Forged Rohana Trinity Series RFG15 in satin black with gloss black lip sat in front of their custom Liberty Walk brake callipers etching.

The final touch was to install the Complete GT-R R35 Race Version Fi Exhaust (Frequency Intelligent Exhaust) high-performance valvetronic exhaust system. Manufactured out of a high-grade T304 stainless steel that offers an exhilarating soundtrack.

Pictures of our GTR can be found on their website displaying the exhaust. All Fi exhaust systems are equipped with valvetronic technology. This technology is not only used to control sound volume, but also enhance overall performance of the vehicle. Before the inception of this technology, horsepower and torque were irreconcilable contradictions in the design of exhaust systems. This allowed sports cars to have high torque power at low rev speeds and even higher horsepower capability at high rev speeds.

Work carried out in the U.K


Level 2 Detail

PPF – Full Car Coverage including diffuser and full car design

Decal design and application

Window Tinting – Limo black rears, dark smoke fronts

Total cost £9,960

Carbon fibre overlay:

Front Bar – LB performance

Wing Mirror Caps

Spoiler Blade

Spoiler Upright

Steering wheel fascia

Steering wheel shift paddles

Air vent surrounds

Door switch surround/switch pack

Total cost £6,823

AC Speedtech

Fit intake kit and injector set

Ecutex custom dyno tuning

ACS intake kit

ASNU 1100cc injectors inc harness adaptors

Stage 4.25 approx 680bhp 620 ft/lbs torque

Aldridge Trimming

Full Interior re-trim front and rear seats in Smooth Black Leather and Alcantara

LB logo and stitching in matching Porsche Miami Blue

Nissan GTR R35 Navigation Upgrade kit:

DBA Navigation AV unit with 2019 maps and 20178 Firmware

High Definition DBA Touch Screen LCD Display

Stage 1 GTR Audio Kit

Upgrade to Ultimate front door kit (3 Way Hertz Mille Pro)

Upgrade to Hertz ML Power 5 Amplifier

Ground Zero 8” Stealth Sub Kit

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